Wedding Photographers Surrey: Check Contract and Don’t Regret It

wedding photographers SurreyAs you decide on which wedding photographers Surrey you need to hire, it’s very important that you pay attention to the moment when you have to sign the contract. You have discussed in length with the photographer and everything seems to be in place until you read the contract.

It’s very important to first check the details about the photographers assigned to your wedding. Who is the lead photographer that they are going to send? Make sure the name is the person that you have been discussing with, not someone you have never met before. If they really cannot make it the person that you want, ask for them to let you meet the photographer before continuing further.

Next is to check the total amount of hours you have agreed to pay for. Some photographers offer unlimited hours on the day, so this is one less problem to worry about for some of you. Check for how much you need to pay for extra hours if it exists.


You also need to read the details on how the pictures ownership is handled. Most photographers decide to become the only copyright owner of the wedding pictures they sent you. Yes, it’s true that you paid for the pictures, but it’s the photographers who worked hard from them. This is something that is worth discussing in length if you don’t want your pictures misused.

A professional photographer will make sure to ask for your permission before they use it for anything else. If you absolutely want it to be completely private, you can request the photographers to refrain from using your photographs for any commercial purposes.

Wedding photographers Surrey like Jo Hughes also offer to sell the copyrights if you want. But since they cost a lot and you wouldn’t need them unless you plan to post a lot of your wedding pictures online, sell them, or use them for marketing purposes, there’s no need for that. You can also negotiate on the terms before you sign the contract, make sure that everything is clear between both of you.

Fine prints

The fine print is also where the ‘traps’ are often laid. You read the terms look good and beneficial to you, until the fine prints say a lot of exclusion, rendering it pretty much useless. Professional photographers won’t do that, but just in case that you haven’t confirmed that your photographer is not a good one, this is how you can sniff them out one last time.

Some photographers create terms that do not make sense and heavily burden their clients. Such as the ones that require you to only say nice things about the studio, because otherwise, it would ruin their business. It’s true that there are businesses ruined by negative words of mouth spreading like wildfire. But this also takes away your rights to sound and express your opinions, even though it’s negative.

If a photographer is not giving you the results you were promised, you have your right to complain about it. The court will rule favor over you as that term is against the rules, but it’s still something you shouldn’t sign consciously for.

Best Places for Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

wedding photography Northern IrelandYour engagement could be the best thing that ever happened to you, and you need to have photographs to remember the happy moments in your life. You’re getting married in a beautiful land, and you deserve to have the best wedding photography Northern Ireland can offer. To have endless number of wedding photos is not vanity, but it is a way that you can tell a story to your children and grandchildren in the decades to come about the love that has forged two people together to create an incredible family history.

Top three places in Northern Ireland for a wedding photography

Northern Ireland is a picturesque place that is full of magnificent landmarks, beautiful nature, and majestic castles. It is the perfect place to commit yourself to the love of your life for all eternity. There are numerous places that you have your wedding photography, but three striking famous locations stands out among the rest. These stunning places are favored by wedding photographers because of the mystery and purely natural ambience of perfection. Michael Love Photography most especially has the talent, skill, expertise and professionalism to capture the true essence of exquisite beauty of the three gorgeous destinations that wedding photographers love to shoot at.

Dunluce Castle

The splendid Dunluce Castle was built in 1500, and the castle became very famous as the worldwide phenomenon Game of Thrones TV series used this magical castle as the Greyjoy Kingdom of Pyke. Your exquisite wedding photography Northern Ireland photographers can make will definitely be as captivating as the castle. Indeed, so much history filled this place, and there is even an incredible Mermaid’s Cave under the gorgeous castle.

Dark Hedges

The mysterious Dark Hedges is more than 300 years old, and it became even more famous after the TV series Game of Thrones used this place for their shoot. The perfect line formation and oddly beautiful materialization of the beech trees creates an air of enigmatic beauty, where your wedding photos can be taken within the exceptional tunnel of trees. The spectacular trees provides the perfect background for your memorable wedding photos, and the story about Ghost resident The Grey Lady will positively capture the attention of your children when you tell them a bedtime story of your treasured photography session in the Dark Hedges. And, no doubt, they will tell their future children of the same story, and the legend goes on.

The Giant’s Causeway

The best wedding photography Northern Ireland professional photographers can create for you can be done on the 40,000 unique intertwining basalt columns which is called the Giant’s Causeway. The hexagonal spectacle happened 60 million years back when there was a volcanic eruption. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this rare splendor of natural grandeur is one of the perfect places for your wedding photography. Plus, you will have a grand story to tell about being photographed in a place where a giant traveled by to go to Scotland, and caused the volcanic rock to tremble and torn into thousands of rock columns that formed into individual hexagons.

Things That Will Make You Look Better Than Other Wedding Photographers Portsmouth

wedding photographers PortsmouthFThere are many wedding photographers Portsmouth out there and it’s a real challenge trying to stand out among those people. It seems that everyone has offered everything there is to offer for wedding photography. But there is a way to make yourself look better compared to them!

The secret: differentiate

The number one secret to becoming someone that easily attracts customers is to become someone different. How are you different compared to the many wedding photographers around you? People always want someone different, someone special for their wedding pictures. They don’t want those to become just another set of wedding album for the photographer.

Most of the time, people can’t really spot the difference between some photographers, so when that’s the case, you have to show more. For example, some photographers emphasize a certain theme for their photography. Others make use of their hobbies as part of the photography, making it unique and still can be catered to the clients’ preferences.

Start professional

Some photographers think that it’s okay to compromise on price or quality if it means they can garner base customers. They need to start somewhere and that is always the easiest method. But be reminded that it will not be easy to get out of the image of a cheap photographer. You need to be able to establish a quality photographer from your very first job.

If you do plan to give a special price, be sure to give it to someone you know. It can be a close friend or a family member because then you won’t be labeled that way as it’s a special price for someone close. It’s also often done by wedding photographers Portsmouth like before they get their popularity.

Maintain that quality

A wedding photographer can be easily swayed to take more jobs than he can handle professionally. It’s that job where you have to know your own limits and reject offers when you don’t think you’ll be able to do great. At first, you might not be able to see it and overwork yourself.

It’s not just dangerous to your health, but it can also hurt the people’s trust in how you have been consistent with your performance. People expect at least the same or even better than what you have done. Perfection is the goal because no one will be able to repeat their wedding just to take the pictures again.

Be honest to your clients if you know that you might not be able to give your all to their job and maintain that integrity. It’s not easy, but it will really pay off in the long run because people can believe in your professionalism without a doubt. Even among many wedding photographers Portsmouth, this is not something that they can do all the time. The temptation is strong when no one is there to tell you no!

The three tips that we give here will be very useful, especially if you are about to start your wedding photography career. We hope you read them all and gain something new!

General Tips For Your Wedding Florist Hunt

wild wedding flowers Ever been to weddings? You must have. Ever fallen in love with the decorations? That is quite certain. Ever loved the flowers and their arrangements, and you wished it was your wedding day? Maybe not that far.

Weddings are glamorous events and for what it is worth, beautifying the venue or reception is as important as anything. In fact, couples spend a lot of money on the venue, food and drinks, entertainment, photography, and of course, decorations.

The beauty of wedding flowers is in the feel they add to the venue. They totally change the atmosphere. Imagine a wedding venue with no decorations and flowers. Yuck! So, it does not matter whether you are planning a really big wedding ceremony or a back-of-the-house event. Wedding flowers are ever-befitting.

You should have a few things ready, like your dress, the venue, reception and theme of the wedding because your eventual choice of wedding flowers and bouquets will depend on those. For instance, you want to choose wild wedding flowers that match the colour of the hall, or the colour of the bridesmaids.

Ask About

The quest however, is to choose the appropriate wedding florist. It is one job you should take your time to do and do well. In starting out, you should ask married friends and relatives. Not exactly to refer a wedding florist, but for their expertise and experience.

Know Your Style

You should know the flower style you like. Wild flowers are the rave in weddings these days because the design and feel is less rigid and absolutely beautiful. You could also go for a natural, bold or modern look. It all depends on what you want. If you don’t know what you want, professional advice, go wild.

Know Your Arrangement and Flower Needs

Know the flower arrangements you will most likely want. Do you want flowers in every corner, on every table? Or do you want something so captivating, yet subtle? Do you want your man, and his men, to have boutonnières on them? These are discussions you will eventually have with your florist, but having a good idea of what you want will make things easier.

Begin Your Hunt

Then you delve into your research for a wedding florist. There are tons of different kinds of florist, so, being specific helps. Hiring a local or in-country wild wedding flowers designer like  is also good advice, although if you are impressed by the florist’s work, distance is irrelevant.

Explore Portfolios

Looking at the florist’s portfolio too, you should decide fairly quickly if you like their work. A lot about wedding flower designs have to do with creativity. If all you see in a portfolio are just different colours and patterns of flowers, or incoherent arrangements, you should look elsewhere.

It is alright to have your own idea and vision of how you want the flower designs on that day to be. It is your florist’s jobs to bring those thoughts to life. Again, it all depends on your choice of style.

Interview and Decide Quickly

Pick an interview or tour date too, and prepare lots of questions so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Choosing your wedding florist should be done months, if possible, 6 to 7 months before the wedding date. Many florists have months ahead booked already.

Of course, the budget. How can I forget that? It is the first thing you prepare but the last factor in choosing your wedding florist. You should have a pretty reasonable budget range set aside for your flowers, depending on the prices you come across during your search. It all depends on what your florist has to offer and what you have budgeted.

But you should be ready and willing to scale up to accommodate a few dollars if needs be. You don’t want your wedding day to be just a thing of the past now, do you? And one way to prevent that, is to have wild wedding flowers at your wedding.

3 Essential Portrait Photography Tips

portrait photographyLights, camera and action! Those are the 3 vital things needed for portrait photography, or are they? A lot of good pictures that photographers take lie in these 3 things but within these 3 things lie other components that must work well together to get awe-inspiring pictures that will be loved by the client. As a result, we came up with these photography tips that can come in handy when engaging in portraits.

These tips can make the difference between your portraits coming out as amateur and vast. The tips cover mainly the basics of lens choice, speed of the shutter and aperture. So, read below and improve on your skills:

  • Advice for aperture

When taking portraits, the best aperture you should make use of is the wide one that is between f/2.8 to f5.6 or thereabouts. Using the wide aperture helps the photographer capture a depth field that is shallow making the subject the highlight of the shoot and at the same time blurring the background. On the other hand, there are also portrait lenses specially made to have wide apertures of f1.4 to f2.8 to help blur the backgrounds more.

If you feel like, you can also decide to place the settings of aperture in priority mode so as to improve your control over the field depth. When using a DSLR camera with the priority mode, the shutter speed will be set at a level that maneuvers the speed of the shutter for better exposure.

  • Setting the shutter speed

As mentioned above, the speed of the shutter is something you want to have a good hold on in portrait photography. To set the shutter speed, you have to take into consideration the focal length of your camera’s lens to prevent getting blurry photographs. The basic rule of setting the speed of the shutter is to ensure that it is set higher than the focal length of the camera. It also means that you can get slower shutter speeds if you make use of a wide-length lens.

But, if you have a quick moving subject, the use of a wide-angle lens and slow shutter speed might not be useful. It will be best to put into use the anti-shake system of your camera. However, not every lens has this.

  • Choice of lens

In photography and not just portrait taking, the lens choice has a major say in how the pictures appear. In the case of portraits, a visual impact is imperative to make it stunning therefore, the need for a wide lens. With a wide lens, you can shoot from a lower angle so as to make the subject of the portrait appear taller. Shooting from down-up is a technique most portrait photographers make use of to fool the eye and change the perspective of people as well as objects.

In portrait photography done by, a telephoto lens is one of the best tools to take advantage of to achieve stunning images. It also allows the user to zoom in on objects and place more focus on the subject of the shoot thereby reducing the noise created by the background.

Wedding Photography: Storytelling Style

What is a storytelling style?

Leeds wedding photographerWell, we are pretty that most of you here understand what it means. The real question lies in how to do it. Here we will give you a quick introduction and basic to reportage/documentary/storytelling style.

A Leeds wedding photographer with storytelling style focuses on capturing the story of the day. The photography method is often unobtrusive with the photographer staying behind the scene. Reportage style comes from journalism where journalists capture the pictures as for how they are without alteration. They show the facts of what happened and wish to tell the story through those pictures.

A lot of photographers use the word reportage and mention how they take the pictures of your day like a fly-on-the-wall. This refers to capturing the day without intruding the event. The photographer is challenged to be blunt, yet secretive in taking those pictures. Blunt to capture them from the best angle and position, but secretive as if no one knows he’s there.

Like the title says, storytelling style means the pictures have to be shown in a chronological order. It has to tell the story of the day from the opening, climax, and anti-climax. A lot of photographers lack this quality in telling the story of a wedding, which is why it feels like something is missing from the album.

To be able to get the best reportage style, a photographer has to frequently engage in conversation with their clients. They need to get to know them in person, understanding what kind of people they are and how they came together. The photographer also has to memorize the itinerary of the day, so he knows where he should go and what picture to take next.

One best way to master this is to learn from a professional Leeds wedding photographer from She understands the core value of storytelling and executes this style in a very authentic and beautiful form. Learn how she takes different perspectives that tell the story of a particular scene, how you are able to discern that and execute that on your own.

You also will see a lot of photographers using black and white or grayscale filter on their pictures.

It does give a timeless feel to the pictures and if you don’t overuse it, will create a very nostalgic effect to the pictures. The pictures are also candid most of the time due to the unobtrusive nature of the style.

Finally, it’s important that you arrange the pictures in a way that tells a story. Learn to create a coherent collection of pictures and while your client will have their own requests, tell them that you will arrange the template according to how it best tell the stories.

Finally, reportage is a storytelling style, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be focused on visual quality as well. It’s important that you retain aesthetic value in the wedding pictures you capture. A Leeds wedding photographer will do well to also learn to take in all the colors around in a reportage collection.

Why Photography Ranks Above Gowns in Wedding Budget?

wedding photographer ScotlandIn average, couples spend more in hiring photographers and videographers compared to buying their wedding attires. A wedding gown can cost around $1,000 – $2,000, but a wedding photography package can go as high as $3,000-$4,000. It could be lower, but most couples try to get as many pictures as they can on the day because they don’t want to miss a thing.

So, why is it that hiring a wedding photographer Scotland to take some pictures on that day can cost so much? What’s in it for you?

Can’t anyone else do it?

Some couples thought about letting their relatives who are hobbyists to do the job. Others just didn’t think that they should consider too much about it and just any cheap photographer will do.

The visual quality of the wedding pictures taken by a professional and amateur is undoubtedly different. A photographer knows the best way to capture it in a way that is stunning and lovely to look at for a long time. An amateur or hobbyist might know a thing or two, but not enough to take many memorable pictures. They are often taken from the wrong angle, lack of good lighting and so on.

They have proofs

And the proofs that these professionals are really capable can be seen from their portfolios. A professional would have worked on a lot of weddings from different places before and won’t hesitate to show them for you. You can also decide whether you like his style or not based on these samples.

When you visit, a wedding photographer Scotland site, you’ll see a lot of examples. You can see that many of them are taken and worked on very nicely. You can 100% sure that the couples were very happy to see the results of their pictures.

Experience and creativity

Experience is something that can only be built through time. Experiences professionals are experts in a lot of sense. They are more prepared compared to others, packed with more insight to share with you and are less likely to fail. They are also the type of people you are more comfortable to rely on because they do seem more capable.

Creativity is something that can be trained. A hobbyist or beginner may have the creativity to capture things. However, lack of experience can become a problem when things don’t go as planned. A photographer needs a careful planning throughout the day to fulfill their pictures quota and create a proper wedding album.

Time investment

Your photographer is actually spending more time for you than you know. Much like how a girl takes 2 hours to get ready to go out with their boyfriends, a photographer has to prepare everything ahead of time to make sure the day is going to go smoothly. From invisible ones, such as scouting the venue and editing the pictures to visible ones like providing consultation with you.

A wedding photographer Scotland is best to be professional, reliable and provide an absolute high-quality result. Your wedding is something that only happens for a day and what’s left of it later would only be the pictures.

Wedding Pictures Secret 101: The Right Photographer

indian wedding photographyOne of the most crucial parts of getting married is to have a record of that day. It could be in any form; drawings, videos, pictures, but the latter are more often used these days. That said, the pictures of your wedding day will not be enough to simply show what happened. That’s something that anyone can do, but barely shows appreciation and beauty of that day.

It’s important that you and partner make some time to really consider who should become your photographer. Indian wedding photography isn’t a job that just any photographer can take up.

Search and skim

It is never a bad thing to start looking for one at the early stage of your wedding planning. Photographers are often booked years ahead, so you want to make sure that you’re not losing your favorite guy for the job. When you look, make sure that person is experienced in the field. Wedding photography should be his forte for years.

He should also have worked on another similar wedding occasion as well. If he hasn’t, do a try out by booking for an engagement session and see if you like what you see.

Interview them

When you meet and consult, be sure to ask questions to find out more about their approach and experience. Many photographers aren’t good with words, but as long as the context of what they speak measures, that’s all that matters. If you have any questions or worries, consult with the photographer like so to see their solutions.

Young photographers that want to take up Indian wedding photography would require more questioning. You don’t have enough proof if they’ll do well, but on professionals like, you’ll have fewer problems. For the most part, they’ve been working on many other similar wedding projects, so with yours, they’ll have fewer things to fear and are more prepared.

Trusting in your guy

There’s also nothing worse than trying to tell your photographer what they should do. Apparently, lots of couples think they need to micromanage how their vendors should work. Overriding your professionals’ method of executing their job would be the last thing you want to do. Unless you’re a wedding coordinator.

You’re going to be the main character of the day and it’s important that you focus on your role as well as your partner’s. Trying to take over everybody else’s role isn’t going to make things better. They are experts that you’ve carefully chosen and it’s only right that you let them do what they’re best in.

Don’t deal with compromisers

Just.don’t. It’s never a wise choice to go for the cheapest. You have to personally look, talk and assess if their skills and styles will suit yours. There are no other ways around except for a friend’s recommendation.

Cheap, ‘affordable’ photographers for Indian wedding photography always comes with a catch. For something that you know you can never do twice, don’t take the risk. Your forever memory of your wedding day that you’ll be showing to others is better to be something that you’re proud of.

Disappointed tears of a new bride are the worst things to start a family.

Why You Need to Get a New Headshot

headshot photographer ReadingHiring the skills of a professional headshot photographer Reading isn’t cheap. Because of that, many people want to make as many uses of it as possible before it starts to grow old. However, headshot pictures are too important to be used too long. It may pose risk to your image, especially when people meet you in real life.

The most important thing about headshot pictures is that they have to show the important quality of the person, yet not exaggerate or appear different from the original. With this in mind, let’s see why you need to retake a headshot of yourself.

It’s a corporate brand for yourself

Your headshot is a brand of yourself. Meaning, people will recognize you from your picture. Many people will be forming images and expectations based on how you look at your picture. That means you cannot appear too different, but also show the best side of yourself.

Yet, people will really expect that you look like how you do in your picture. In this case, honesty is something that people assess on first look. If you don’t have the same haircut or have freckles that were non-existent, people will find it hard to cultivate trust in you.

To maintain professionalism

Another thing you need to remember is that maintaining and up-to-date look of yourself are along the line with maintaining professionalism. You shouldn’t appear like a 22-year-old girl when you’re already 27. That mature look should be in you by now.

Even so, you still need a headshot photographer Reading, like, who brings out and shoots that professional look you need. Not every photographer can pull this out, so you need to search carefully.

A significant change in your look

Did you have bracers after your last headshot session? After you taken them off, remember to take a new picture because you’ll have a significant change in the shape of your face. Whenever you experience a huge change of weight or anything that impacts your appearance, that calls for a new headshot session.

Needless to say, you want people to be able to recognize you. It doesn’t have to take three times looking at your profile picture for your business partner to believe it’s you. Save the surprise for yourself.

Different expectations

There’s also the fact that people expect different things on your profile picture. 5 years ago, it’s a trend to keep a stiff posture of yourself to show seriousness. Lately, it’s more to show your true personality and others that are suitable for the job. Smiles for the ones in customer service and sharp eyes for the ones in the business field.

This means you need to find a capable and well-trained headshot photographer Reading to do the job. They will understand how things have changed and can further direct you to show the right expression. Even if you are not the kind of person who you thought could smile like that in front of the camera, the right photographer can make you think otherwise by the end of the session.

These are the main reasons to get your new headshot. Don’t wait for your business partner or employer has to tell you about it!

Newborn Photography: What Mothers Need to Know in Advance

newborn photography CalgaryNewborn photography Calgary is something that’s on trend right now and we think that it’s rightfully so. Newborn photography isn’t about style or lit on Instagram. It’s about capturing the very first moments of your baby who’s beginning a whole new life and can be likened to your heart that is allowed to travel around.

What do you need to know about newborn photography and perhaps, what you can prepare so that it’s going to be a fun session you’ll enjoy and remember? Check them out.

Newborn vs. Baby Photography

What’s the difference between doing a newborn and baby photography session? As far as we know, we still call them babies. So, what makes these two things different aside from the age of the baby?

Newborn baby tends to be very different than babies of a few months old. One thing that makes them very different is their habit. Like any newborn creatures, they tend to exert behaviors that are quiet and simply cute. Us humans tend to have a soft spot when we look at newborns. They make us happy and we just can’t stand the cuteness of them for some reasons.

They are also easier to mold and shape. Most of the time, they’d curl up as if they’re still in the womb. During this face of building up their antibody and adjusting to the new environment, you’ll notice unique things about them and it would be such a shame to not to!

Older babies, however, are more active and tend to express more emotions. They’ll laugh and cry and you can see these human-like emotions clearer than in newborns.

When booking

You’d better hurry and book a session if you’re entering your second trimester if you want a professionally done newborn photography Calgary by experts like This is because they tend to be overbooked and you’ll risk not having a slot spared for yours! You also can’t control when you want to deliver or how long your baby will remain newborn.

You should discuss with your photographer regarding the timeslot. Most will give you a few days to two weeks range of time around your due date to ensure that you have enough time to schedule your session. However, it’s best that you find someone flexible. You never know what might happen and just in case, you want to save that your investment is not for naught.

Prepare only what’s required

There’s no need to prepare that many things aside from baby needs. If you’re bringing along other kids, be sure to also bring toys or their homework to distract them during the waiting time. You might have to wait 2-4 hours for the session to finish. As for yourself, work to relax as much as possible.

You will also most probably be invited to enter the frame, too. Don’t worry to wear something nice or shiny. Anything plain will look better on the camera because your baby won’t be wearing anything either and the focus would be on the innocent, few days old babies. The less shiny you are in newborn photography Calgary, the better.

Tips for Successful Wedding Dress Shots

wedding photographer LancashireThere is nothing more important to a bride than her wedding dress. It cannot be ruined. This isn’t a joke. You only need to ask around or follow a wedding plan to see how brides put lots of thoughts and efforts into choosing the perfect wedding dress. In fact, the wedding dress has its own unique personality. Little wonder why the dress is treated with utmost respect.

There are a number of tested and trusted wedding dress shots.

You can snap intricate details on the wedding dress. You don’t have to get a full-length picture. If it has a unique design or fashion work, or some intricate beadworks and laces, you can do close-up shots focusing on those areas alone. This is usually very creative.

Or you can hang the dress from a doorway or cabinet or a porch in front or at the back of the house. Look around the house. Some porches have built-in hooks that you can use. Hanging the dress displays it from top to bottom. Be careful not to let it touch the ground.

So, if you as the wedding photographer Lancashire have the opportunity to take pictures of the wedding dress before the bride puts in on to walk down the aisle (seriously, you should always make sure you attempt to take pictures of the wedding dress. It is not compulsory, but it is really beautiful in wedding albums), here are some things you should have at the back of your mind.

Ask for permission from the bride

You need to seek approval from the bride before touching the dress. Let the bride be aware that you will be responsible for the dress for some time and make sure she is comfortable with the idea.

Get an assistant to help you handle the dress.

It will be an embarrassing and awkward scenario if by mistake, while trying to move the dress to a suitable position, it gets torn. The dress can be heavy and large and difficult for one person to hold or carry. Get someone to help you as you move the dress from [lace to place, open doors, clear the room and hang the dress. It doesn’t have to be a formal assistant. Any careful person with less time on their hands should be able to do the job.

Clear the area of objects that can readily tear a dress

Be wary of the edges of tables and chairs, door handles, nails protruding out of any surface or any object that can damage the dress.

Put on gloves or wash your hands – both you and your assistant

Just prevent staining the dress with sweaty palms or dirty hands. You don’t want to get a perfect shot and find you have stained the dress.

Avoid these places

If you are going to move the dress outside to get a shot, avoid dusty areas and mud puddles. Check out for inspiration on how to do those.

Get your own hangers, if necessary

Going with a few fashionable and nice-looking hangers is not a bad idea. some hangers can totally ruin your shot, after all the work you have put into it.

As the wedding photographer Lancashire most of the actions taken by you have a direct effect on how well the photographs turn out. So, it pays to always exercise caution.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Headshot Photographer

photographers in ChicagoTaking headshots aren’t cheap to start with. We all want to know that the investment we out into bust up pictures of ourselves are really worth it.

Before attending your headshot session, make sure to check out our guides and tips on how to make the most out of your session with one of those photographers in Chicago! You know that you’ve spent wisely if you can say “Yes, I’ve done this!” to each of the following points.

Take more than just a few pictures

The end product for you will depend on the package that you get, but make sure that your photographer allows you a lot of choices to make from. Since you only get to bring home one or two, won’t it be better to know that you’ve seen all possible choices to make from?

Open up to your photographer

Some people are probably reluctant to do this. If you are among those who like to keep business strictly business, it will take a little effort to do this one. To convince you, check out why it’s important to let your photographer know more about you.

Headshot focuses on your face and expressions. This means that anyone who looks at it will directly look and judge you. Like or not that is what people do when they see people; they subconsciously judge whether they like that look and expression they are seeing or not.

Let’s say you want your photographer to capture that unique side of you, but he never knows about you at all. How is it going to be possible? Communicate about it and don’t just expect photographers in Chicago to immediately know what to do with you.

Bring a couple of clothes

Depending on your package, if you get to take more than one picture, you should take a few change of clothes with you. Preferably, bring clothes with plain colors that do not distract the attention from your face. Let it be something that compliments you.

Be yourself

Usually, people ask for headshots from themselves with a certain goal in mind. Perhaps it’s for applying for a casting audition, or maybe for a high position job. Either way, the way to do it is no other than being yourself. Don’t try to be someone you are not in your headshot session, it shows.

Talk to your photographer about what you want to show in your picture. A professional will know how to pull out the right expression out of you while still retaining that special characteristic of yours.

Remind photographers to keep editing to the minimum

The finishing touch is the next important part. You want to look presentable and professional, but you also don’t want the pictures to look too perfect. Anybody will notice the difference once you reveal your face. Those little flaws like flecks, a few wrinkles, and nose should remain the same without too many changes. Things like a hair loose, acne, or uneven skin color due to sunburn should be edited out.

Update and use it as your branding

Change your LinkedIn and other networking app’s profile picture with this one. Anywhere you know your business partners and potential customers will see, use this headshot as a brand for yourself. Imprinting the same image on people will make them remember and recognize you better.