7 Dos of A Wedding Photographer Cambridge

wedding photographer CambridgeAs a wedding photographer, there are several things that one should never miss. Check out the 7 Dos that a wedding photographer Cambridge should always remember.

1.    Do invest time in interpersonal skills

You should not look down on how important it is to have networking skill. To build a positive relationship with your clients will help a lot in capturing memorable pictures.

Learn how to introduce yourself and come out as a supportive friend to them. Provide advice and consolation to whatever problems they may be facing. Even though you are not yet married yourself, be empathetic if they are stuck in a dilemma.

2.    Attend the rehearsal dinner

Don’t miss the chance to get acquainted with the big family. Since these people will also be attending the wedding, you also want to capture their precious moments. To do this, you want them to be completely comfortable with you around and stalking.

This is also a chance to explore the venue and get yourself familiar. Your session will be smoother and most likely, you’ll be confronted with fewer problems about where to stand where to put your lighting equipment.

3.    Do limit your job

Don’t take all the work and accept everyone’s request. Know how much you can take and still execute with a professional result. This way you’ll also be able to tell how much you appreciate professionalism rather than earning as much as possible.

The optimal number that some photographers stick to is 2 a month. With this, it is saved to assume that shouldn’t have more than 40 wedding offers a year. Only take what you can handle.

4.    Always check your gears on every job

Whenever you are leaving for a photography session, always check your gears. Never bring your cameras that will only operate for the next two hours and have to be charged again.

You also don’t want to see an error screen on your camera. Since that this problem is not something that can be solved immediately on the spot, you’d want to always bring a secondary capable camera.

5.    Wear like you’ll party

Seriously, you shouldn’t appear in shorts and a pair of khaki sandals. Wear formal and wear something that is appropriate. Manner is part of the job. You wouldn’t want everybody staring at you and feel uncomfortable with having a bad mannered photographer walking around.

This is also your chance to market yourself. Anyone who’s planning to get married will keep their eyes peeled open and it would be a very bad idea to appear impolite.

6.    Prepare for the worst

Get yourself insurance and a substitute ready all the time. These are all long-term investment that will protect you from future problems. It will also protect you from financial problems and potentially damage your relationship with your clients.

A substitute that is ready to help will prevent unsatisfied clients. It happens! If you got yourself a photographer of a similar caliber, your client’s satisfaction can be assured.

7.    Invent a new idea

Don’t stay with a single idea. Let your creativity flow and set up new poses, ideas, and techniques whenever possible. Differentiate yourself from another wedding photographer Cambridge.