Tips For Wedding Photographers In Ireland

wedding photographersOne thing that wedding photographers in Ireland should learn how to do the right way is striking rapport w/ the brides they work with. If there is one thing that you need to remind yourself off again and again all throughout your career as a professional in the wedding photography field, it would have to be the fact that the bride is your greatest ally and your closest confidant; at least for the entire duration of the wedding prep work, the actual wedding, and the post shoot processing. This is not the kind of thing that you should be taking lightly because your relationship with the bride will map out how the rest of your business transaction with that client is supposed to go down when it all comes down to it. Talk to the bride and learn how to push all of the right buttons to get her to open up to you. The more that you know about her and what her preferences and likes and dislikes are, the better equipped you will be in making sure that you get to provide her with the coverage of her dreams for her wedding.

Lighting is another thing that wedding photographers in Ireland should know like the back of their hands.

Lighting is basic and fundamental to photography, regardless of the kind of niche that you would like to go ahead and establish yourself in at the end of the day. There is a reason why most of the basic photography courses out there have lighting basics as a revolving sub-item in their curriculum. When you don’t get your lighting done the right way, it tends to ruin pretty much everything else in the photos that you take. Suffice it to say, it all starts and ends with the lighting that you are able to lay out for the photos and that’s a fact. If you can’t afford a photography course just yet, practice will turn out to be your best friend. Shoot pictures everyday. The more you get to know your camera, the better you will be in manipulating light and in making it work for you at the end of the day.

Go for a quiet shutter.

A quiet shutter might initially seem like a really small thing but it can make a huge world of difference for the photos that you are able to take. You have to understand the fact that when it all comes down to it, you need to really be as less pronounced or as less noticeable as you could possibly be when you are shooting weddings. Wedding photographers based in Ireland tend to be naturally intimidating, usually garbed in black with a camera in tow all the time and all that. People will be a bit conscious having you around and seeing you shooting pictures.

Try not to use your camera flash as much as possible.

Flash photography can be very harsh and annoying and it can take people away from the moment especially when you are going for candids. Just try not to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Wedding Photographer Beginner Tips

Don’t forget about the bridal shoot.

wedding photographyIt’s your chance to show the bride what you can do as her wedding photographer. Sometimes, in all of the craziness ensuing the wedding preparations, it can be very easy for a wedding photographer to forget about the bridal shoot altogether if he is not careful about it. It’s either that or he might end up thinking that it’s not really all that important at all; but it is.

You should definitely know better than just brushing the aspect of a bridal shoot off to the side.

If any, this is one of the most important prep work that you will ever get your hands on as a professional wedding photographer and you should put it to good use as much as possible. This is your window to really get to know the bride, what her preferences are, what she thinks her good and bad angles are, what kind of light she would like to be shone on, and so on and so forth. The bridal shoot is your chance to get the bride to open up to you and to warm up to you and you should be wise enough to make sure that you do not end up wasting that chance somewhere along the way.

Check out the wedding venue before the wedding day.

You need every edge you can get as a wedding photographer. It can be very difficult to work through a wedding shoot when you have zero background or zero prior knowledge about the place that it is being held in. You need to know how you are going to get there, how the place looks like during that particular time of the day, what the lighting situation will turn out to be, whether you have enough work to work around in, and so on. There are so many different factors that you will need to check out and appraise as a wedding photographer when it comes to the wedding venue and you need to get these things checked out ahead of time so that you do not end up cramming and chasing your own tail during the day of the wedding. Scout the location ahead of time. Get your client to join in on it so you can take some practice shots. You can even package it as an engagement shoot that you can throw in for free. This is something that your clients will be extra happy about.

Give the bridesmaids some wedding photographer’s advice before they walk down the aisle.

Tell the bridesmaids to smile and to hold their bouquets at the belly button level. These simple tips sound pretty ordinary and cliché but it will surprise you how so many bridesmaids in general will get to miss this if you don’t step up and remind them about this in the first place. Make it a point to really go to where they are right before the bridal march so you can give them a few pointers for when they make their walk down the aisle.

When Pooling Capital As An Essex Wedding Photographer

It can be difficult trying to kick start things as a newbie Essex wedding photographer.

wedding photographyThe hardest part of it all is coming up with the money. Starting out, you will not really have a lot of money to work with. The issue with your cash flow can turn out to be a bit of an issue at the end of the day. However, this is not a terminal issue. This is not the kind of things that you will not be able to do something about. For as long as you are willing enough to work things out at the end of the day, you should be able to find a solution for it. There are a few things that you can work out in order for you to come up with the kind of money that you need to get things checked out the right way when it all comes down to it.

Get a job, even if it does not fall under the category of being an Essex wedding photographer.

If you have a good thing going for you at the moment for as far as money and a stable job is concerned, don’t let go of it right off the bat. You are going to need a stable job one way or the other in order to support you and sustain you all throughout the time that you are checking things out as a new essex wedding photographer when it all comes down to it. Although the idealistic way to go would be for you to opt to just leave everything and go after your dream, chasing it into the sunset, that’s not how things roll or turn out in the real world. You are going to need another source of income to help sustain you, your bills, your expenses and yes, even your photography equipment when it all comes down to it. This is something that you need to seriously go ahead and work out one way or the other.

Participate in free online photography courses.

Photography courses are something that will get to go ahead and give you a bit of an edge for as far as competition goes. The wedding photography industry is one of the toughest things to check out in terms of competition. Getting additional credentials in the form of photography courses will allow you to sharpen and hone your skills a little bit more without a gaping hole in your pockets at the end of the day.

Think about the kind of niche that you would like to be in.

Think about the skill level that you are currently in as well. All of these are important elements that will get to more or less help you decide on which photography courses are the most appropriate for you when it all comes down to it.

Freelance work can be financially rewarding.

Although it might not turn out to be the most stable kind of setup out there, it is a pretty good way to start, especially if you are in this for the long haul.

Blog Advice For A Wedding Photographer North Wales


wedding photographer north walesWhat every North Wales photographer out there needs to understand is the fact that the main purpose of a blog is in order to attract potential clients. Although some would argue about what their purpose is for putting up blogs of their own, for as far as being in the wedding photography industry is concerned, the primary purpose of getting a new blog setup has always been and will always be all about getting new business on board one way or the other.

Although some of the previous clients might appreciate the fact that you have their weddings put up as features and although this can turn out to be something that become extremely pleased with, you are not doing this for them at the end of the day. What you are going after is for people to get to see what you can do as a professional wedding photographer.

Online portfolio

A blog can also work as an online portfolio for a wedding photographer North Wales. An online portfolio is one of the most efficient and convenient ways for people, most especially potential clients, to get a glimpse into what you can do as a wedding photographer. Some people won’t actually go through the lengths of contacting you just yet especially when they aren’t really all that sure of booking you as their official wedding photographer yet. However, if they can have access to the previous works or projects that you have managed to produce, this just might be enough reason for them to pick up their phones to call you and arrange for an in person meeting or for them to send you a quick email.


A wedding photographer in North Wales will be better able to reach out to vendors that he needs to network with if he has an active functioning blog somewhere in the equation. Networking has always been the lifeblood of any enterprising individual out there and frankly, it comes as no surprise why you need to go ahead and aim for more or less the same things as a wedding photographer. The wedding industry is a close knit one and they usually have communities per area. This is something that you need to constantly strive to be a part of and networking is something that will get you there in the long run. It is an ever ongoing process. The trick there is for you to pull your weight every now and then and to constantly reach out to the people that really do matter.

Write better

The aspect of writing style is extremely important and it is a kind of skill that every wedding photographer North Wales needs to work on one way or the other. Writing is not something that occurs naturally to everyone. Not all people are naturally good with writing and that’s alright. Even if this is a particular department that you tend to struggle on at some point or so, it doesn’t meant hat you are going to end up struggling forever. One way or the other, something has got to give. The longer and the harder that you keep working on something, the more you tend to become better at it and that’s a fact. All that you really need to do is to come up with some sort of writing practice structure that will eventually get you to where you would like to be.

Lay out images

A wedding photographer North Wales will also need to work on the image layout of his blog one way or the other. The blog that you are working on needs a solid image layout plan in order for it to become effective. You have to understand that you are first and foremost a visual artist. That particular craft needs to manifest in the kind of blog that you end up producing and image layout has a lot to do about that at the end of the day. If this is something that you are absolutely new at, try to go ahead and take a page out of the book of professional wedding photography blogs like and even magazines. Try to study what their strategies are in making their entries visually entertaining and appealing and try to see if you can put your own spin to it.

Tag images

The tagging of the images is crucial to the success of any wedding photographer in North Wales as well. When you tag the images that you go ahead and put up the right way, you are basically making sure that Google gets to find a way to index those images so that people can pull them up when they run organic searches that will more or less match up with what your tags will turn out to be at the end of the day. Don’t be lazy with your image tagging because things should pay off for you the right way eventually.

Wedding Photographer In Essex Tripod Tips

Do not go cheap.

tripod tipsAs a new wedding photographer in Essex, it is important that you do not go cheap on the tripod that you invest in. A tripod that is cheap is also oftentimes sub standard. What this means is that it probably did not go through quality assurance checks at the end of the day. You might need to get things figured out one way or the other. As a professional wedding photographer, although your priority would normally turn out to be to go for the most cost efficient options available out there, you should not be all too quick with disregarding quality as well. It should always factor in on the equation at the end of the day.

When a tripod is flimsy or sub standard, you end up putting your photography equipment at risk of being structurally weak and imbalanced. It might topple over at the slightest gusts of winds and it might also end up costing you more money as you go along. You might need to buy another tripod somewhere along the way. This is not cost efficient and this will cost you more money somewhere in the long run.

Use it as much as possible.

A wedding photographer in Essex should go ahead and use it as much as possible. Use it and don’t let it go to waste. The spirit leveler in your tripod was put in there for a very simple buy very important reason, and that reason is for stability. A tripod is of no use if it is not set up or mounted up in the most stable possible way. This can be a bit of a challenge to maintain all on your own though if you simply rely on how things look like and if all you can do is to just approximate if the stability or the way that the tripod is standing is “just about right”.

A wrong split second decision can end up with your gear littering all over the floor, shattered and damaged beyond repair. As a responsible wedding photographer, you surely can’t allow something like that to happen to you when it all comes down to it. Always check the spirit leveler before you allow the tripod to stand on its own and unsupported. It will only take you roughly around 2-3 seconds or so. That’s a pretty good investment of your time if in exchange, you get to ensure the safety of your camera gear at the end of the day.

Do not ever touch the center column of the tripod no matter what happens.

The center column is by far the weakest link or the weakest spot in the tripod and that is something that you seriously need to avoid from touching or from messing with as much as possible. If you have a need for added height for your camera angle, opt to extend the legs of the tripod all the way out instead. The legs were built with extension in mind as opposed to the tripod’s center column.

Keeping A Clear Perspective As A Wedding Photographer In Scotland

Get a clear head

wedding photographer in scotlandA wedding photographer in Scotland should always get a clear head when he approaches every wedding shoot. Meditation is the key to keeping that mind focused and sharp all the time. The moment that you come in to work tired and exhausted because of the routine that you are undergoing day upon day and wedding upon wedding, you end up performing on a relatively reduced quality and this is never a good thing for a new wedding photographer who is looking out for opportunities to make his mark in the wedding photography industry.

Get a breather

When it all comes down to it, you need to make sure that you get a breather every once in a while a clear head is more open to new ideas and is more energetic when it comes to tackling more complex compositions when it all comes down to it which is why the aspect of clearing your thoughts every single time and every single day is of the utmost importance the entire time that you are working on your professional career. Take some alone time or some quiet time in the mornings to be alone with your thoughts and to purge yourself from distractions. 15 minutes or so should be more than enough.

Start the day right with a reflection of your goals.

Think about how you started, where you are now as a wedding photographer in Scotland, and how much further you still need to go before you reach your dreams. When you keep on reminding yourself why you are there in the first place and why you love doing what you do, it helps keep things on perspective and it helps remind you about the things that matter the most at the end of the day. It can be very easy to get distracted and sidetracked by other contributing variables somewhere along the way and this is something that you seriously need to do something about.

Have a vision board or even just a page in a journal that details all of the goals that you would like to go ahead and go through with or reach as a professional wedding photographer. It will help remind you where you are right now and help you gauge how much further you will need to go and to keep working before you go ahead and get to where you would like to be in your career and in the wedding photography industry as well.

Organize your files, your equipment, and your day.

Be the type of wedding photographer in Scotland who knows where everything is with nothing out of place or anything like that. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to run all over the place, not knowing which is which and always being in a hurry. This is not something that you will need to go through with if you have organized and prepared everything the right way well ahead of time. Make sure that this is something that you get to check out as much as possible because it can really boost your performance as a professional wedding photographer.

What A Wedding Photographer Should Look For In A Camera Bag

Camera bag

camera bagIf you are a wedding photographer who is currently in the market for a camera bag, you probably think that this is just another day in the office. Buying a camera bag shouldn’t have too much impact on what you do in your career as a wedding photographer, or should it? The way that you carry your things and the ability to bring them all in one go with no hassles whatsoever is crucial to a seamless coverage at the end of the day and this is what you should always be aiming for when it all comes down to it.

You need to make sure that whatever happens, you will be able to bring everything that you could possibly need without looking ridiculously uncoordinated and a high quality camera bag will do just that for you. A wedding photographer is mobile all the time so this is an absolute requirement and something that you should always work on at the end of the day.

Standard size

Like what was mentioned before, as a professional wedding photographer, you will be doing a lot of traveling and moving around. You need to make sure that you have the perfect bag for it. You need something that you will be able to bring along with you that can really keep your equipment together and safe all of the time. You may not be in the big leagues right now but you will never really be able to tell when your next big break will come.

Until such a time comes, you might as well make sure that you come in ready all of the time. Always opt for a camera bag that is standard sized. It should be big enough to fit all of your gear in it but small and compact enough for you to be allowed to bring it along with you in the plane and stack it in an overhead cabin or just put in on your lap. Your photography equipment or gear is something that far too precious for it to just be checked in and left up to chance.

Padded compartments

Make sure that you opt for a camera bag that has a lot of compartments that are padded. You will need these for the storage of your different lenses and all of your other bits and bobs needed. The extra padding will help protect them from any rough handling and will make sure that they are kept safe all of the time no matter what happens. The extra cushion will ensure as well that you can move around as much as you want or as fast as you want without ever having to worry about your fragile camera parts crashing into each other inside of your camera bag.

Weather proof materials

You will be outside a lot as a wedding photographer. Opt for something that you can carry in the rain or under extreme heat. You need something that is as tough as your job as a Dundee wedding photographer.

Boudoir Photographer Easy Tips

Bring out the subject’s feminine and sensual side.

boudoir photographyThe aspect of starting out a career as a boudoir photographer can be tough at first but for as long a you have the basics down pat, you should be fine. You need to understand what the main goal is in this particular type of photography style. It can be very easy to go from classy to trashy in no time at all in boudoir photography and you need to make sure that you get to do something about that. What boudoir photography basically aims for is to bring out that feminine and sensual side of the subject.

Understandably, there are so many directions for you to spring this up from but the main revolving theme of boudoir is something fairly sexy and edgy. Be like this boudoir photographer who always strike up just the right or perfect recipe or balance between what is technically sexy without being too much to the point wherein it might already come off as something a bit trashy at the end of the day. It can be easy to shoot sexy pictures right out but boudoir photography will require you to make sure that there is a touch of mystery and class to it as well. It’s a tough call but it can be done for as long as you aim to get it done the right way.

Be particular with the position of arms and legs

A boudoir photographer should be very particular with the positioning of the arms and legs. This is something that you need to pay extra attention to. The kind of positioning that the subject is taking up can have a tremendous effect on the overall look and feel of the photos that you will eventually be able to bring out of the shoot.

To get you started the right way, try to study how the lingerie brochures are getting their models to pose. More often than not, you will see an underlying trend there. Most of these women will most likely be posing with their arms or legs in a triangular position all of the time. This is the kind of position that maximizes the silhouette of the female body and it will turn out to have the most flattering kind of effects and vibes the moment that the photos come out. Chances are, your client is not aware of this nifty little trick so you might need to coach her and explain the mechanics to her before the actual shoot commences. Every little bit can go a long way.

Always aim to capture the emotions being evoked by the subject.

It means that you will need to connect with her on a deeper level as her boudoir photographer. Even the most beautifully composed shots will end up looking and feeling somewhat lacking if you don’t capitalize off of the emotions that are being given off by the subject of your boudoir photography shoots. What kind of vibe or emotion is the subject going for? How should she convey them? Talk to her about this and help her practice the poses as much as possible.

Tips for an Outdoor Wedding Photographer

outdoor weddingShooting a wedding event that is set in an outdoor venue actually comes along with so many challenges that you might find it a bit difficult to cope if you haven’t really done this before as a wedding photographer. There are just so many different elements that are left up to chance and what this means is that you will need to prepare for them and more or less anticipate things as they go along all throughout the said wedding event.

You need to put in all of the right pre-emptive measures and be at least a step or two ahead of the game.

You can’t afford to run across any mishaps somewhere along the way during the wedding and that is why you seriously need to think things through. Think twice, thrice, or even four times over before you accept a wedding booking with an outdoor wedding setup because it will require so much more work than the weddings that are set indoors.

Prep for the weather

First up, you need to prep yourself up for the possibility of inclement weather. No matter how well you map things out and no matter how closely you may be watching the weather forecast for that particular wedding day, there is still a pretty good chance of either rain or extreme heat and so on and so forth and that is what you need to check out at the end of the day. Like this female wedding photographer, bring several bags Ziploc, preferably the 1-gallon type so that you can easily slip your camera and lens right in the moment you notice the first signs of drizzling or if you are at a beach wedding and you end up standing a little too close to the waves and you are at risk of getting your gear wet. This is also terrific protection from sand, dirt, grass, and so on. If you can bring an umbrella along with you so that you can still keep on shooting from the outside in case it rains, then go ahead and do so as well.

Bring a roll of white fabric or white tarpaulin along with you during your outdoor wedding shoots.

A common setback of shooting a wedding outdoors is that you are constantly putting the bride’s dress at risk of getting dirty. Anything and everything from standing near a fountain or flower beds or even freshly cut grass can immediately stain or soil the wedding dress of the bride and it will ruin the look all throughout the wedding right until the end of the event.

Protect wedding dress from stains.

However, if you have enough foresight to happen to bring along something that they can stand on, you get to protect the dress from any stains and the like and that is something that the bride will get to thank you and appreciate you for but more importantly, it means that you are putting the bride at a certain level of comfort wherein she knows for a fact that nothing is at risk. This eventually leads to having you take great looking pictures all throughout the wedding and this will reflect nicely on you as a professional wedding photographer.

Dressing Tips for a Female Wedding Photographer

Consult client

wedding photographyThe challenges that every female wedding photographer out there faces on the daily can be quite challenging to come across with. If you happen to be one, then you are in for a ride. However, this career can be quite rewarding and it can be a real fulfillment especially if it is something that you are quite passionate about. There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind, especially when you are thinking about the right things to wear during the wedding that you are attending and shooting as the official wedding photographer. These are not set. At the end of the day, it would be best for you to consult your clients about the perfect kind of dress code.

These are just a few guiding principles to ensure that you don’t end up having a hard time all throughout the time that you will be covering the wedding as the wedding photographer. Most of the wedding photographers out there know for a fact that this is not your usual run of the mill 9-5 job. You will get in a lot of crazy positions and you will need to be ingenious and resourceful if you want to capture that perfect shot at that perfect angle. This can be a bit taxing both physically and mentally so you need to come prepared and dressing up the right way is a major step to help get you there.

Choose the right kind shoes.

Which shoes are right, which ones are inappropriate, which ones are downright ridiculous and impractical? It’s kind of hard to draw the line when it comes to categories like those because there isn’t any. What you need to remind yourself of though is that 6-inch high heels are off the table, period. It doesn’t matter how good you may look in those shoes. The more pressing matter here is whether you can afford to run around in that pair for 8 hours or more. If you can’t, then perhaps a more toned down pair of 1-2 inch kitten heels will work better for you. If you would like to be super comfortable all across the board, getting a pair of great looking flats might just work out fine for you at the end of the day.

Cover up and don’t go for anything that looks a wee bit provocative.

You are there to shoot pictures of the wedding. You are not a guest nor are you the bride. Make it a point to dress modestly as much as possible. Again, we circle back to the fact that you will be getting into a lot of crazy looking positions just so that you get to have that perfect shot. You can’t go for something like that if you need to cover your chest area because your neckline is too deep or your behind because your skirt is too short or skimpy. Go for something that you will feel at ease in and always keep in mind that the only flash that your subjects should encounter is the one coming from the camera, not from you.

The Necessity of a Tripod for a Wedding Photographer

Stability and steadiness

wedding photographyA tripod is a really important piece of equipment that you need to have on you all of the time as a professional wedding photographer. There are just so many useful and practical applications for a tripod all throughout the duration of the weddings that you cover for, when you come to think about it. For one, a tripod can give your camera the kind of stability and the kind of steadiness it needs to deliver great looking pictures all throughout the time that you are shooting the wedding.


As a wedding photographer, quality should come up before everything else and the tripod is something that can help you pull that off in the pictures that you take during the wedding event. There will be times wherein you are at a wedding and covering it as the official wedding photographer and you are thinking that there have been a lot of instances wherein you were able to get away with holding the camera by hand. Although this may be true, there are a lot of moments or situations wherein holding it by hand simply will not suffice.

Low lighting

One particular example of a situation wherein the use of a tripod is absolutely necessary is the instance wherein low lighting can be experienced. When there isn’t enough light to come by with for you to take decent looking pictures, your camera will automatically adjust to it. It will slow down the speed of the shutter in an attempt to make the most out whatever amount of light is coming right into the sensors of the camera. It already goes without saying that the slow shutter speed will cause the camera to shake a little or at least vibrate a little. This is an occurrence that will get exacerbated if you are holding the camera by hand. A tripod will work great in stabilizing that extra movement in your camera so that you can ensure that you don’t end up with blurry pictures the moment that you go ahead and click that shutter button.

Higher angles

A tripod also works well in the instances wherein you are looking out for possibilities of checking out higher angles. It is something that works great in adding in variety in the shots that you are able to take. More than that, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that it will bring something different into the mix of pictures that you are taking every single time. You can pan out and play around with the various angles and perspectives that a tripod can give out to you as a wedding photographer. That’s just something that you can’t get anywhere else.

Practice accessory

A tripod is one of the best and most practical accessories that you will ever get your hands on as a professional wedding photographer. Attending a wedding with the intent to cover it without a tripod in hand just isn’t right and isn’t something that you should be doing at the end of the day.

How Wedding Photographers Should Quote

Money issue

wedding photography tipsIf there is one thing that wedding photographers are kind of awkward with and at times reluctant with discussing with their potential clients, it would have to be the issue of money. Although this may be something that makes you uncomfortable to talk about, you need to keep in mind that you are a professional and that at the end of the day, you are running a business. It is important that you talk about money and about how much it will end up costing your potential clients to make use of the services that you will be providing for them during the wedding event. You really need to tackle this during the client discussion because any gray areas in the discussion can lead to wrong assumptions that might leave you or the client disappointed with the end result.

Be short and concise with the discussion of the amount.

You don’t have to be ambiguous or beat around the bush before you approach that topic. More of than not, the clients will really get to appreciate that you are quite upfront with how much the entire thing costs. There are some clients out there who are still in the shopping phase for wedding photographers. Try to keep in mind that they haven’t really cemented any deals just yet the moment that they decided to meet up with you. They are still waiting for your pitch so make sure that you are able to deliver it well.

Set your price list.

Make sure that you have a price list that is strategically set up and that the clients will be able to really understand right then and there. The use of flowing and flowery words will not be useful in this particular circumstance and it is something that may end up doing more bad than good when at the end of the day so you should go ahead and try to avoid it if you can.

Take note of how the more successful wedding photographers set up their package lists.

Most of the items are enumerated or are in bullet form with the corresponding prices clearly marked right beside them. When you itemize the details, it makes it easier for clients to grasp compared to having them read a lengthy paragraph about the things that are included in the services that you offer. Use language that is clear and direct to the point. Try to avoid using any embellishments because they won’t really bring anything to the table.

When you are presenting your quote, don’t just ramble on about the price.

State the amount and then proceed to mention all of the services and products that are included alongside. This will justify the costs at some point. Make it detailed so that your clients know all of the hard work as well as any other services that go on behind the scenes of the service that you are providing for them. Indicate your start and end times as well as the total number of hours that you will be pouring into the project.