Can You Trust a Friend to Be Your Wedding Photographer?

Cheshire wedding photographyWedding planning for prospective brides and grooms includes setting the wedding date, scouting for an appropriate Cheshire location, picking and sending out invitations, booking a caterer, choosing the wedding attire, finding a band or DJ and wedding cake tasting. With all the previously enlisted preparations for the wedding, there is one thing that was left out and that was the selection of the wedding photographer. For most people, choosing a wedding photographer is not a necessary part of wedding plans while for some it is.

It is rational that most individuals strive to save money and cut budgeted costs when planning for a wedding. After all, weddings are expensive and you do not want to find yourself starting your new life with debt over your head. Even with the saving of costs, most people prefer not to hire professional Cheshire wedding photography in a bid to reduce the stress of having to do research and vet out the photographers. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, balancing these two concerns is something most couples have to deal with.

One thing that is inevitable during the wedding planning process is that a member of the committee is likely to remember a friends or family member who is quite handy with a camera. On the surface, it comes off as a good idea because if cost was the main deciding factor then certainly this person would be willing to settle for a lower price than a professional would. You may have even come across some of the pictures taken by them and they strike your fancy.

Wedding stories

With the internet at the disposal of everyone around the world, it is not hard to come across stories where the mood of the wedding was ruined by the professional wedding photographer constantly forcing pictures. You may have even been a witness to this if you were a wedding guest that had their wedding view blocked all because the photographer was aiming for the perfect shot. There have also been stories of when a wedding photographer had hidden charges incorporated into the wedding contract.

From the above, does that mean that instead of hiring professional Cheshire wedding photography, you trust an amateur with your wedding pictures? The answer is no. If you were to look at your fingers, you would realise that they are not all equal and the same thing can be said for a professional wedding photographer and Cheshire wedding photographer. The difference is in the service as both services will surely differ on both quality and professionalism.


Another reason why the answer to having an amateur do your wedding photography is no is because there is no denying the fact that experience is a valuable teacher. Most professionals gain experience by working freelance or shadowing an expert in the field till they are capable of branching out on their own. The knowledge gained from these experiences are further supplemented by having certificates from technical programmes relating to photography. This is something that an amateur cannot give you.

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