Capturing Images in Newborn Photography

newborn photographyAh, newborns. They are the most innocent, magical thing ever. That is why to be able to provide newborn photography service is the most amazing thing ever. If that’s your passion, you will want to check out our tips to capture stunning pictures of newborn babies on your own!

Plan the session

When it comes to taking pictures of newborns, you have to plan everything down to the pose of the babies. They obviously cannot move on their own so you will need the help of another adult, preferably the parents to hold up the baby in place. It’s also mandatory for you to know that babies have to be handled with care because they are still very fragile and their immune system is still very weak.

Arrange the props that you plan to use before the parents together with the background wallpaper and blankets.

Trust in yourself!

Nothing is worse for parents than to see that their photographer is still fumbling and awkward with what they are doing. Be the person that your clients can rely on because there’s no doubt that they are also nervous about being new parents!

Natural lighting

The best kind of light is the natural kind because they are not annoying in pictures and is just at right softness when the fall on the babies’ skin. That’s why the studio that you use must be built in a way that allows natural light to comes in. You will also need to use reflectors to help you with getting enough light on the baby.

Try to avoid using too much flash without a diffuser in newborn photography. Flash can irritate the baby’s eyes and some parents might express their complaints regarding it. Use cameras with a wide range of ISO and aperture to capture all the natural light you need.

Stay simple!

When it comes to newborn babies, they really don’t fit with fancy setups because babies don’t style! They don’t even know how to strike a pose and the best way to depict them is innocence, plain and sometimes, playfulness. That’s why you also don’t have to try so hard in decorating the room by getting all fancy decorations that cost you a fortune.

You can use blankets which can be bought cheaply in huge amount (since you need a wide array of colors to mix with). Toys that the parents bought for the kids can also be used and they actually make the pictures feel even more personal because familiar objects are used. If the parents are taking part, remind them to wear something simple with matching color to complement the theme.

Prime lenses rule!

Of course, photographers are free to choose which lens fits them better, but most of the time, prime lenses produce better image quality in newborn photography sessions. That is what Sue Kennedy uses in her sessions because prime lenses capture sharp images by giving up versatility in terms of zooming in and out of frame.

But if you are taking pictures of babies who are mostly asleep and quiet, you won’t need to run around to take pictures. Prime lenses become a better choice because of the quality of the pictures produced.