Capturing Images in Newborn Photography

newborn photographyAh, newborns. They are the most innocent, magical thing ever. That is why to be able to provide newborn photography service is the most amazing thing ever. If that’s your passion, you will want to check out our tips to capture stunning pictures of newborn babies on your own!

Plan the session

When it comes to taking pictures of newborns, you have to plan everything down to the pose of the babies. They obviously cannot move on their own so you will need the help of another adult, preferably the parents to hold up the baby in place. It’s also mandatory for you to know that babies have to be handled with care because they are still very fragile and their immune system is still very weak.

Arrange the props that you plan to use before the parents together with the background wallpaper and blankets.

Trust in yourself!

Nothing is worse for parents than to see that their photographer is still fumbling and awkward with what they are doing. Be the person that your clients can rely on because there’s no doubt that they are also nervous about being new parents!

Natural lighting

The best kind of light is the natural kind because they are not annoying in pictures and is just at right softness when the fall on the babies’ skin. That’s why the studio that you use must be built in a way that allows natural light to comes in. You will also need to use reflectors to help you with getting enough light on the baby.

Try to avoid using too much flash without a diffuser in newborn photography. Flash can irritate the baby’s eyes and some parents might express their complaints regarding it. Use cameras with a wide range of ISO and aperture to capture all the natural light you need.

Stay simple!

When it comes to newborn babies, they really don’t fit with fancy setups because babies don’t style! They don’t even know how to strike a pose and the best way to depict them is innocence, plain and sometimes, playfulness. That’s why you also don’t have to try so hard in decorating the room by getting all fancy decorations that cost you a fortune.

You can use blankets which can be bought cheaply in huge amount (since you need a wide array of colors to mix with). Toys that the parents bought for the kids can also be used and they actually make the pictures feel even more personal because familiar objects are used. If the parents are taking part, remind them to wear something simple with matching color to complement the theme.

Prime lenses rule!

Of course, photographers are free to choose which lens fits them better, but most of the time, prime lenses produce better image quality in newborn photography sessions. That is what Sue Kennedy uses in her sessions because prime lenses capture sharp images by giving up versatility in terms of zooming in and out of frame.

But if you are taking pictures of babies who are mostly asleep and quiet, you won’t need to run around to take pictures. Prime lenses become a better choice because of the quality of the pictures produced.

Newborn Photography: What Mothers Need to Know in Advance

newborn photography CalgaryNewborn photography Calgary is something that’s on trend right now and we think that it’s rightfully so. Newborn photography isn’t about style or lit on Instagram. It’s about capturing the very first moments of your baby who’s beginning a whole new life and can be likened to your heart that is allowed to travel around.

What do you need to know about newborn photography and perhaps, what you can prepare so that it’s going to be a fun session you’ll enjoy and remember? Check them out.

Newborn vs. Baby Photography

What’s the difference between doing a newborn and baby photography session? As far as we know, we still call them babies. So, what makes these two things different aside from the age of the baby?

Newborn baby tends to be very different than babies of a few months old. One thing that makes them very different is their habit. Like any newborn creatures, they tend to exert behaviors that are quiet and simply cute. Us humans tend to have a soft spot when we look at newborns. They make us happy and we just can’t stand the cuteness of them for some reasons.

They are also easier to mold and shape. Most of the time, they’d curl up as if they’re still in the womb. During this face of building up their antibody and adjusting to the new environment, you’ll notice unique things about them and it would be such a shame to not to!

Older babies, however, are more active and tend to express more emotions. They’ll laugh and cry and you can see these human-like emotions clearer than in newborns.

When booking

You’d better hurry and book a session if you’re entering your second trimester if you want a professionally done newborn photography Calgary by experts like This is because they tend to be overbooked and you’ll risk not having a slot spared for yours! You also can’t control when you want to deliver or how long your baby will remain newborn.

You should discuss with your photographer regarding the timeslot. Most will give you a few days to two weeks range of time around your due date to ensure that you have enough time to schedule your session. However, it’s best that you find someone flexible. You never know what might happen and just in case, you want to save that your investment is not for naught.

Prepare only what’s required

There’s no need to prepare that many things aside from baby needs. If you’re bringing along other kids, be sure to also bring toys or their homework to distract them during the waiting time. You might have to wait 2-4 hours for the session to finish. As for yourself, work to relax as much as possible.

You will also most probably be invited to enter the frame, too. Don’t worry to wear something nice or shiny. Anything plain will look better on the camera because your baby won’t be wearing anything either and the focus would be on the innocent, few days old babies. The less shiny you are in newborn photography Calgary, the better.

Challenges Parents Go Through With When Planning A Wedding

The messes.

baby photos dublinEven though baby photos Dublin tend to look smooth and pretty and clean on the surface, there is a lot of back breaking work that goes into the background and there are a lot of messes that you would have to deal with in order for you to make sure that you have things worked out for you the right way when it all comes down to it. Messes are only normal and natural whenever there are babies around. The baby photos Dublin don’t really show the amount of time and efforts parents and baby photographers alike put into the session but you should know right out that it will all be there somewhere in the background and this is what you ought to try to take note of as much as you possibly can.

The actual schedule.

You need to understand what the schedule is and more importantly, how to go ahead and set it up the right way. It can be really tough to do that for a baby photos Dublin session though. Chances are, you are going to end up booking a baby photographer even during pregnancy. You wouldn’t really know when the baby is coming out for sure and stating a date right out could be a little off. Although it would be smart for you to think ahead of time, you should also ensure that your photographer really is a baby photographer in the first place. If he is, he should be more than capable of tweaking his schedule enough to give allowances and make time for when the baby comes late or early. The perfect timeline is within the first 10 to 14 days after the baby is born. You will really be able to capture his infancy and his innocence in this stage and your photographer for the baby photos Dublin will say just as much.

The baby’s comfort and overall mood.

Prioritize this at all costs or you might end up with the baby photos Dublin session being cut short altogether. Make sure that the baby doesn’t feel too hot or too cold. Make sure that he is fed well and that there are no excess gases that might make his tummy hurt. Cater to all of his needs because he wouldn’t be able to say anything about it so be attentive as much as possible and anticipate things the right way as you go along.

Being part of the photo shoot.

Be part of it in such a way wherein you turn into an assistant for your photographer but more than that, don’t hesitate to pose with the baby if your photographer asks you to do that as well. It will do good for the baby photos Dublin and you will appreciate the fact that you have something memorable to go by. You will be looking at these baby photos Dublin for years and years to come. This is something that will enable you to really make the most out of what you have invested so far for the session.

What To Learn From Great Newborn Baby Photography Examples

newborn baby photography examplesIf you are currently looking at newborn baby photography examples, you will notice that they all look and seem so effortless and so carefree but this shouldn’t lead you to believe it because there is actually so much work going on in the background. if this is the type of thing that you are planning to get into one way or the other, you need to know right from the start that your role as a client and as a parent will be really pivotal or influential to the success of your baby’s photo shoot when it all comes down to it. Here are a few things that you need to know in order to make sure that your expectations are managed the right way for as far as arranging baby photo shoots are concerned. This will help you achieve wonderful photos like the newborn baby photography examples you see.

Natural light is every baby photographer’s best friend.

This is the main reason why you really need to go out of your way to make sure that the time of the baby photo shoot is scheduled strategically. Mid mornings will always be the best time of the day to schedule the photo shoot in. the light is naturally diffused but not too harsh to cause any exposure issues in the photos of the baby photographer. Another great lighting window is during the late afternoon but this might not work for your photo shoot because the baby would probably be grumpy at this hour and you can’t afford to have something like that during a shoot that only has an hour or two as a duration window. Position the photo shoot area near any windows or doors or anything else that will allow the light to stream in, providing your photographer with more than enough light to use for the shoot.

Be there.

Your cooperation as a parent will be very important so make sure that you are there and that you support the photographer by helping out with the baby in any way that you possibly can. As a parent, you have the upper hand and advantage of knowing your baby a little more. You know what makes your baby tick and what soothes him. You know what things he likes and what he doesn’t and this can help make things so much easier to check out during the baby photo shoot at the end of the day. Entertain the baby in any way that you can. Help cheer the baby up or help assure him that everything is just fine. The mere aspect of seeing you there will already be enough to assure the baby that everything is OK and that there isn’t anything to worry about even if he might be a little confused with his surroundings.

Talk to your baby as well.

The sound of your voice will help soothe him and will help make him a little more comfortable during the baby photo shoot. These are little things that might not seem or sound like much in the beginning but they have a really huge impact on the success of the photo shoot as a whole.

How To Find A Newborn Photographer In And Around Oxfordshire

Newborn photographer in OxfordshireWhen you are dealing with a newborn photographer in and around Oxfordshire, the first thing that you need to really go ahead and settle down with is the kind of schedule that you are holding the photo shoot in. timing is everything in a newborn photo shoot and if you don’t time things right, you might end up with something that is very hard to manage or work with.

Be strategic

You have to be strategic with the way that you are getting things done at the end of the day. Most of the newborn photo shoots are scheduled during the first 2 weeks of the newborn baby’s life. More than that, aside from the date or the timeframe alone, you also need to make sure that the newborn photo shoot is always scheduled during the mornings. Without the proper type of setup for the photo shoot, you might end up delaying or prolonging the newborn photo shoot. The mornings are usually best times of the day for you to hold the photo shoot in because the baby will be refreshed or asleep most times. You will be doing your newborn photographer a real favor through this.


Another thing to take note of or keep in mind all of the time when you are working with a professional newborn photographer in Oxfordshire is that this effort shouldn’t come from the photographer alone. You also need to make sure that you are able to cooperate and bring in your end of the bargain. Work with your photographer. Make sure that you are able to really help him prepare for the newborn photo shoot. Make sure that the baby has slept well the night before. Also make sure that you will be able to pack all of the basic essentials that you could possibly need during the photo shoot. Have some milk ready or have your breastmilk pumped ahead of time so that you can easily sustain the baby in case he gets hungry or anything like that. Have a nice stash of wet wipes, extra towels, extra clothes, a little something extra of everything. There is no such thing as over packing when you are preparing for a newborn photo shoot.

Incorporate props

You should also go ahead and take a look at the aspect of incorporating the use of props when you are trying to work with a professional newborn photographer in Oxfordshire. Props can really bring the best out of the newborn baby’s photos at the end of the day and this is something that you can leverage as a parent and as a client for newborn photography. Have a good long talk with your newborn photographer about this. Talk to him about the elements that you would like to more or less incorporate into your photo shoot. Research on the various props that are commonly being used in newborn photography and try to see if this is the type of thing that you could possibly use during your own photo shoot.

What To Know About Newborn Baby Photography

aberdeen newborn photographerYou don’t have to be an expert in photography to know that a newborn photographer will always be able to come up with interesting Concepts and techniques during the newborn photo shoot as compared to any other photographer in the industry. If you are planning out a newborn photoshoot at any point in time, you might as well make sure that you go for someone who is experienced and for someone who has actually been shooting newborn photo shoots for the longest time running.

Handling babies in photo shoots and so much more different than you would actually think.

There are usually so many challenges that come along with it and it’s only something that a newborn photographer will be able to handle the right way when it all comes down to it. Don’t just go for anyone who tends to have the camera. Take note of the fact that the memories that you will be making will be memories that you would want to immortalize because baby hood days are very short and fleeting. You want to make sure that you get to capture all of the best photos during that point in time.

Make use of plush toys and props.

Talk to your wedding photographer about the possibility of playing around with plush toys and other props that you can use during the baby photo shoot. Props and toys and generally go hand-in-hand for as far as newborn photo shoots are concerned and this is something that you should really actively seek out and talk about with your newborn photographer. There are a lot of Unconventional props that you can make you of and all you need to do is to just make sure that whatever you end up discussing or using during the newborn photo shoot will turn out to be safe and will never put the newborn baby in jeopardy. You can go crazy with baskets or crates or even big boots whatsoever. Pretty much anything goes during a newborn baby photo shoot just for as long as the props are clean and will not shake the baby skin or anything like that.

Target open air spaces.

Always target open air spaces or spaces that offer a lot of natural light coming in as ideal areas for the photo shoot that you are trying to come up with. Babies and Flash photography don’t really work hand-in-hand and this is something that you need to remind yourself of time and time again. Working in an enclosed setting like a dark room or something similar to that will not work well in a newborn photoshoot. Book the photoshoot at home if you have to. Pick a spot that’s near a window or a door or any other openings that will allow gentle natural light to come in to help light up the images. Have a look at the website of this Aberdeen newborn photographer if you are looking for the best to hire.