Easy, Quick Websites for Photographers Tips on WordPress

 websites for photographersLike diamonds in the rough, the mundane and unskilled people won’t be able to see the value of rocks with gems in them. The same thing can be said to your websites in the eye of google. And to the users of google.

Starting point: Study about SEO

Have you ever tried googling websites for photographers? What do they look like? Professional? Elegant? But, honey, that’s not how business works. It’s content. More precisely, the words.

The question starts with: how did you even stumble upon it? You start by typing the keywords you need. Google shows results on websites for photographers. And it is a proven research that people generally do not look beyond the 3rd rank. That’s it, stop right there. It’s Google that brought you to your answer. It’s Google that brought you to here. That, my fellow photographer, is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, where you understand the process and algorithms behind Google and use it to increase your ranking.

Yay, you’ve passed the first checkpoint.


If you are a photographer and you are confused with how you’re supposed to start a website, WordPress can be your starting point. WordPress has served as a free platform on the internet for content sharing and that includes websites for photographers.

So now, one problem’s solved. Next, how to do it.

Easy How-to Optimize

There are many ways of optimization and the algorithms, or the rules to put it simply, keep changing with Google as they try to eliminate people that monopolize and play dirty with the SEO system, which you need to refrain from doing at any cost because it may lead to the banning of your site.

Because you are most probably an expert in taking pictures, not coding, we have made it simple for even beginners to understand how to optimize websites for photographers.


Can you guess the keywords on this page? Good content that have been optimized contain keywords that are put in a few times without you realizing it. A bad way of doing this is: cramping keywords, cramping keywords, cramping keywords, like this, or using it just anywhere in the page to make it top (and fall when Google notices).

Readable Link names / Permalink (permanent link)

There’s a difference in using site.com/subcategory/gallery with site.com/id123=?/tada for your pages name. Google includes the first four words of your pages into the index and no one will definitely google for id123=?.


Great websites have reliable, quality content, which naturally comes with good SEO and all that stuffs without having to try hard (partly because of the site’s history, number of visits and some other factors).


You see how this page has got subheadings and a title? Using them accordingly in your content will make your content more organized and easy to read.


An easier term for this is referencing. For example, you want to say that a certain style of photography has been the trend in New York City according to a famous online fashion site, put a link to the page.You help promote them, yourself, and increase your reliability because of their reputation.