Newborn Photography: What Mothers Need to Know in Advance

newborn photography CalgaryNewborn photography Calgary is something that’s on trend right now and we think that it’s rightfully so. Newborn photography isn’t about style or lit on Instagram. It’s about capturing the very first moments of your baby who’s beginning a whole new life and can be likened to your heart that is allowed to travel around.

What do you need to know about newborn photography and perhaps, what you can prepare so that it’s going to be a fun session you’ll enjoy and remember? Check them out.

Newborn vs. Baby Photography

What’s the difference between doing a newborn and baby photography session? As far as we know, we still call them babies. So, what makes these two things different aside from the age of the baby?

Newborn baby tends to be very different than babies of a few months old. One thing that makes them very different is their habit. Like any newborn creatures, they tend to exert behaviors that are quiet and simply cute. Us humans tend to have a soft spot when we look at newborns. They make us happy and we just can’t stand the cuteness of them for some reasons.

They are also easier to mold and shape. Most of the time, they’d curl up as if they’re still in the womb. During this face of building up their antibody and adjusting to the new environment, you’ll notice unique things about them and it would be such a shame to not to!

Older babies, however, are more active and tend to express more emotions. They’ll laugh and cry and you can see these human-like emotions clearer than in newborns.

When booking

You’d better hurry and book a session if you’re entering your second trimester if you want a professionally done newborn photography Calgary by experts like This is because they tend to be overbooked and you’ll risk not having a slot spared for yours! You also can’t control when you want to deliver or how long your baby will remain newborn.

You should discuss with your photographer regarding the timeslot. Most will give you a few days to two weeks range of time around your due date to ensure that you have enough time to schedule your session. However, it’s best that you find someone flexible. You never know what might happen and just in case, you want to save that your investment is not for naught.

Prepare only what’s required

There’s no need to prepare that many things aside from baby needs. If you’re bringing along other kids, be sure to also bring toys or their homework to distract them during the waiting time. You might have to wait 2-4 hours for the session to finish. As for yourself, work to relax as much as possible.

You will also most probably be invited to enter the frame, too. Don’t worry to wear something nice or shiny. Anything plain will look better on the camera because your baby won’t be wearing anything either and the focus would be on the innocent, few days old babies. The less shiny you are in newborn photography Calgary, the better.