7 Dos of A Wedding Photographer Cambridge

wedding photographer CambridgeAs a wedding photographer, there are several things that one should never miss. Check out the 7 Dos that a wedding photographer Cambridge should always remember.

1.    Do invest time in interpersonal skills

You should not look down on how important it is to have networking skill. To build a positive relationship with your clients will help a lot in capturing memorable pictures.

Learn how to introduce yourself and come out as a supportive friend to them. Provide advice and consolation to whatever problems they may be facing. Even though you are not yet married yourself, be empathetic if they are stuck in a dilemma.

2.    Attend the rehearsal dinner

Don’t miss the chance to get acquainted with the big family. Since these people will also be attending the wedding, you also want to capture their precious moments. To do this, you want them to be completely comfortable with you around and stalking.

This is also a chance to explore the venue and get yourself familiar. Your session will be smoother and most likely, you’ll be confronted with fewer problems about where to stand where to put your lighting equipment.

3.    Do limit your job

Don’t take all the work and accept everyone’s request. Know how much you can take and still execute with a professional result. This way you’ll also be able to tell how much you appreciate professionalism rather than earning as much as possible.

The optimal number that some photographers stick to is 2 a month. With this, it is saved to assume that shouldn’t have more than 40 wedding offers a year. Only take what you can handle.

4.    Always check your gears on every job

Whenever you are leaving for a photography session, always check your gears. Never bring your cameras that will only operate for the next two hours and have to be charged again.

You also don’t want to see an error screen on your camera. Since that this problem is not something that can be solved immediately on the spot, you’d want to always bring a secondary capable camera.

5.    Wear like you’ll party

Seriously, you shouldn’t appear in shorts and a pair of khaki sandals. Wear formal and wear something that is appropriate. Manner is part of the job. You wouldn’t want everybody staring at you and feel uncomfortable with having a bad mannered photographer walking around.

This is also your chance to market yourself. Anyone who’s planning to get married will keep their eyes peeled open and it would be a very bad idea to appear impolite.

6.    Prepare for the worst

Get yourself insurance and a substitute ready all the time. These are all long-term investment that will protect you from future problems. It will also protect you from financial problems and potentially damage your relationship with your clients.

A substitute that is ready to help will prevent unsatisfied clients. It happens! If you got yourself a photographer of a similar caliber, your client’s satisfaction can be assured.

7.    Invent a new idea

Don’t stay with a single idea. Let your creativity flow and set up new poses, ideas, and techniques whenever possible. Differentiate yourself from another wedding photographer Cambridge.

Bridal Tips You Won’t Get Elsewhere

Assign a photo crowd sourcer.

wedding photographer BristolAlthough you may have a professional wedding photographer Bristol coverage down pat, taking care of all of the official photos for the wedding, another perspective that you ought to try to take a look at as well is the aspect of what your guests see from their end. This is the age of smart phones and high resolution cameras and your guests, although they aren’t professional photographers in their own rights, will most likely end up with photos that are well worth regarding at the end of the day. You will surely be missing out a lot if you don’t make it a point to consider what photos they are taking on their end. One solution to something like this would be for you to think about getting a friend to collect and crowd source those photos one way or the other before they leave the wedding reception venue. This way, you have the photos all in one place and you wouldn’t have to worry about contacting them one by one long after the wedding is over. This is time consuming and most people might not have the time to share or transfer the files to you, especially if they have already gone back to their regular lives and daily routine.

Make some time for your special other. planning a wedding can take months and months over even over a year on end and this can leave some people feeling a bit out of touch with reality or a little too engrossed in the mountains of tasks that need to be done that they completely lose touch of why they are doing it and who they are doing it with in the first place. Don’t opt out of date night. As a matter of fact, you should go out of your way to make it a regular thing as much as you possibly can. keep the flame alive and keep yourself excited by reminding yourself the reason why you are getting married and setting up all of these elaborate plans for the wedding in the first place. It pays to have a thought to come home to after a particularly challenging wedding planning session.

Don’t disregard the need for a professional coordinator.

Although it will be an extra expense and not something that comes along cheaply, it pays to have someone else worry about the rigors of the wedding day. take note that you won’t be able to do much in the way of leg work during the day of the wedding itself which is why having someone else there will make so much more sense. A coordinator can take care of the wedding photographer Bristol follow through, Making sure that all the people are organized accordingly in the group shots, and so on.

It’s OK to feel freaked out.

And you don’t have to worry too much about it. It is perfectly normal. All brides go through a freak out stage. It all boils down to how you deal with it and to how you keep your composure after the initial shock and feeling of helplessness.

Bridal Reminders For Every Newbie

You don’t always have to go for an updo.

wedding photographer hampshireAn updo sounds and looks classical but what most brides don’t really realize is the fact that this isn’t something that is made for all facial shapes. If you don’t think that an updo is flattering for you and for your particular face shape, then you don’t have to force yourself into having one during the wedding day. You don’t need a beehive just for you to feel extra glam and fabulous. Hair that is let down and adorned with glittering accessories can achieve more or less the same effect. What is important is that you are comfortable and confident of the do that you have on. Have a practice beauty test just for you to see what’s out there and more than that, don’t be afraid to go beyond the usual. It takes a lot of work to be beautiful and if you are willing to put in the effort, then you will surely be able to reap the rewards for it further down the road. Talk to your wedding photographer Hampshire professional about possible hairstyles that work best with your face from a photography standpoint and you just might hit the jackpot.

Take care of the engagement ring.

This probably isn’t the first thing on your mind but when you think about it, the ring will be with you long before you even get started on your wedding plans. It will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear and there are a lot of instances wherein you might be putting it at risk such as taking it off when you are washing your hands on public or something similar to that. Abrasives can also be an issue so make sure that you put it out of harm’s way when you are doing the dishes and other chores around the house. A periodical visit to the jeweller to get it inspected and maintained is also highly encouraged so you might want to consider that as well during the months or even years leading up to your wedding day. Take extra care of the ring because it is one of the most symbolic icons of the proposal and something that people are bound to ask about so that they can take a look or get a glimpse. The ring will be  a major subject in the wedding photographer Hampshire compositions so you need to make sure that it is something that is always on point.

Pay attention to bridal gifts.

You want your bridal party to really feel appreciated and compensated for the efforts that they are putting in to help you out in seeing your big day follow through with little to no trouble on your end. They really are amateur wedding planners in their own rights and you need to go out of your way to give them something to make them feel that you appreciate everything that you are doing so far. Don’t go for a useless figurine or something that you can just buy off of a trinket store. Go beyond that and get them something that they will actually like.

Feed your vendors, include them in the headcount.

Your vendors are your workforce during the day of the wedding. A hungry workforce will not be able to get the job done perfectly if you don’t take extra care of them or if you don’t look out for them at the end of the day. You will have a much better wedding photographer Hampshire coverage, for example, if your photographers are well fed. Check out Martin Bell Photography for flawless looking portfolios.

Easy, Quick Websites for Photographers Tips on WordPress

 websites for photographersLike diamonds in the rough, the mundane and unskilled people won’t be able to see the value of rocks with gems in them. The same thing can be said to your websites in the eye of google. And to the users of google.

Starting point: Study about SEO

Have you ever tried googling websites for photographers? What do they look like? Professional? Elegant? But, honey, that’s not how business works. It’s content. More precisely, the words.

The question starts with: how did you even stumble upon it? You start by typing the keywords you need. Google shows results on websites for photographers. And it is a proven research that people generally do not look beyond the 3rd rank. That’s it, stop right there. It’s Google that brought you to your answer. It’s Google that brought you to here. That, my fellow photographer, is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, where you understand the process and algorithms behind Google and use it to increase your ranking.

Yay, you’ve passed the first checkpoint.


If you are a photographer and you are confused with how you’re supposed to start a website, WordPress can be your starting point. WordPress has served as a free platform on the internet for content sharing and that includes websites for photographers.

So now, one problem’s solved. Next, how to do it.

Easy How-to Optimize

There are many ways of optimization and the algorithms, or the rules to put it simply, keep changing with Google as they try to eliminate people that monopolize and play dirty with the SEO system, which you need to refrain from doing at any cost because it may lead to the banning of your site.

Because you are most probably an expert in taking pictures, not coding, we have made it simple for even beginners to understand how to optimize websites for photographers.


Can you guess the keywords on this page? Good content that have been optimized contain keywords that are put in a few times without you realizing it. A bad way of doing this is: cramping keywords, cramping keywords, cramping keywords, like this, or using it just anywhere in the page to make it top (and fall when Google notices).

Readable Link names / Permalink (permanent link)

There’s a difference in using site.com/subcategory/gallery with site.com/id123=?/tada for your pages name. Google includes the first four words of your pages into the index and no one will definitely google for id123=?.


Great websites have reliable, quality content, which naturally comes with good SEO and all that stuffs without having to try hard (partly because of the site’s history, number of visits and some other factors).


You see how this page has got subheadings and a title? Using them accordingly in your content will make your content more organized and easy to read.


An easier term for this is referencing. For example, you want to say that a certain style of photography has been the trend in New York City according to a famous online fashion site, put a link to the page.You help promote them, yourself, and increase your reliability because of their reputation.

Challenges Of A Themed Wedding

Twice the cost.

asian wedding photographyBefore you make a decision to book a themed wedding, you first need to know right out that something like this is bound to cost you a lot of money and a lot of effort but if you honestly think that it will all be worth it, then by all means, go ahead and indulge yourself. You just need to understand the fact though that it will not come cheap and you need to really be prepared to shell out the big bucks one way or the other if you have any hopes of getting stuff done when it all comes down to it. A typical wedding is expensive in its own right already but a themed wedding will easily double up the costs while you are at it and this is why you need to prepare accordingly and brace yourself for the expenses that are supposed to come along. In events like this, a long engagement will turn out to be a real advantage because it technically means that you have more time to save up and pool your funds in order for you to be able to afford the stuff that you need to pay out for in the first place. Have a serious talk about this with your spouse and make sure that you make a joint decision on whether you would like to proceed with a themed wedding or not after the fact. You might pay out more for Asian wedding photography versus a traditional wedding photography coverage and so on and so forth. Just keep that in mind before you make the decision to really go ahead with it.

Need for an appropriate venue.

You need to nail the venue accordingly if you are ever going to have the chance to make this work out for you in the first place. A themed wedding can be a very nitpicky thing to satisfy when it comes to the venue that you are planning to pick out. It needs to be perfect and all that in order for it to work out at all and this is something that you ought to try to think about and prioritize as much as possible all the time. Go through the site tours. If you plan an Asian themed wedding, for example, you might want to bring along the professional that you hired out for Asian wedding photography in order for you to have a more practiced eye in assessing the place.

Specialists to hire out.

Pick out people who specialize in the specific niche. The wedding industry is a particularly small one in some areas but you will realize that some people have specializations and this is something that you need to figure out and tap into one way or the other if you are ever going to go ahead and nail this the right way at some point or so.

Guests need to be looped in.

Let them know about what you are trying to pull off for the wedding. explain it to them or at least dedicate a page or a paragraph on the invitation to ensure that they understand the theme and how they are going to dress up, if ever.

Challenges Parents Go Through With When Planning A Wedding

The messes.

baby photos dublinEven though baby photos Dublin tend to look smooth and pretty and clean on the surface, there is a lot of back breaking work that goes into the background and there are a lot of messes that you would have to deal with in order for you to make sure that you have things worked out for you the right way when it all comes down to it. Messes are only normal and natural whenever there are babies around. The baby photos Dublin don’t really show the amount of time and efforts parents and baby photographers alike put into the session but you should know right out that it will all be there somewhere in the background and this is what you ought to try to take note of as much as you possibly can.

The actual schedule.

You need to understand what the schedule is and more importantly, how to go ahead and set it up the right way. It can be really tough to do that for a baby photos Dublin session though. Chances are, you are going to end up booking a baby photographer even during pregnancy. You wouldn’t really know when the baby is coming out for sure and stating a date right out could be a little off. Although it would be smart for you to think ahead of time, you should also ensure that your photographer really is a baby photographer in the first place. If he is, he should be more than capable of tweaking his schedule enough to give allowances and make time for when the baby comes late or early. The perfect timeline is within the first 10 to 14 days after the baby is born. You will really be able to capture his infancy and his innocence in this stage and your photographer for the baby photos Dublin will say just as much.

The baby’s comfort and overall mood.

Prioritize this at all costs or you might end up with the baby photos Dublin session being cut short altogether. Make sure that the baby doesn’t feel too hot or too cold. Make sure that he is fed well and that there are no excess gases that might make his tummy hurt. Cater to all of his needs because he wouldn’t be able to say anything about it so be attentive as much as possible and anticipate things the right way as you go along.

Being part of the photo shoot.

Be part of it in such a way wherein you turn into an assistant for your photographer but more than that, don’t hesitate to pose with the baby if your photographer asks you to do that as well. It will do good for the baby photos Dublin and you will appreciate the fact that you have something memorable to go by. You will be looking at these baby photos Dublin for years and years to come. This is something that will enable you to really make the most out of what you have invested so far for the session.

How To Get Gorgeous Headshot

Confidence and emotions.

Chicago headshot photographerIf you aren’t a professional model by profession, something like this might sound a little too intimidating and challenging for a regular person to have to go through with but with a little bit of practice and perspective, you can be rest assured of the fact that you can go through with anything that you take on. All of your endeavors will start to take shape for as long as you settle down with what your main purpose is for hiring out a professional Chicago headshot photographer in the first place. What are you going to use the headshots for? Are they for pleasure, just so that you have headshots with no particular purpose in mind or are they for a job interview or for a gig that you are keen on getting into at some point or so? Figure that out ahead of time and you will have everything sorted out early on.

Practice how you do your face.

Practicing your facial expressions might sound a little silly in the beginning but it is something that will support you all throughout the time that you have the session with your Chicago headshot photographer so far. It helps to at least have a rough idea about how you look like when you do certain faces so that you can get all of the right reactions down pat so far. Practice this in front of a camera or in front of a mirror so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. It isn’t as hard as you think it might be so give it a go and ask your Chicago headshot photographer for some more tips about how to properly rehearse your facial expressions before the photo session.

Hair is important as well.

Pose the hair in every way that you can and take care of it in all of the best ways. Make sure that the tips aren’t dry and make sure that you actually know how to set things up accordingly. If you don’t take care of the hair, you are going to end up with headshots that have more than a quarter of the area being messed up and tangled up and you can’t really do much about this so far. If you can get a stylist with you while prepping for the shoot, then you should prioritize that. But if you can’t, it will all be fine for as long as you set up your hair the right way and for as long as it isn’t unruly or anything like that so far.

Chemistry with the camera and the photographer.

You need to be comfortable around the presence of your Chicago headshot photographer so that you are in your best disposition when you are posing for the camera all the time. It can be tough to try to do that if you feel intimidated or pressured or just altogether awkward whenever you have the Chicago headshot photographer right in front of you. Settle it out in neutral grounds by meeting up over a cup of coffee before settling down with the deal.

Best Advice From Fellow Newlyweds

Take your time with things.

Wedding Photographers Los AngelesPlanning out a wedding is not the type of thing that you can rush through with. You should not make the mistake of hurrying when you are planning out the details of your wedding when it all comes down to it. You have to understand that things like this tend to take time and if you would like to go ahead with it, then you need to be patient enough to settle down and to really be careful with the details that you have on hand. Everything should be planned out down to the last detail. This can be really tedious and time consuming and this is what you need to prepare for as much as you possibly can while you are at it.

Prepare for things accordingly and you will have little less to worry about because of the fact that you know for sure that all of your time planning and preparing for the wedding has finally come to lead up until this point. Weddings are really complicated to plan out all by yourself. You are going to need to enlist the help of professionals as well as the help of your other friends and family members while you are at it. You need to understand the importance of biding your time. It is important that you approach all decisions with a clear head. If you should make a decision, it should be solid and purposeful.

Stay awake and present in each moment.

The wedding can seem to breeze by like a dream and as a bride, it is important that you make it a point to really see things through accordingly by being awake in the moment and by being present all throughout the time of the wedding day. Relish in the moments as they go by and make the most out of them as much as you possibly can. You need to try to remember things as they are. Your wedding photographers Los Angeles will do a pretty good job of documenting your photos accordingly but the truth is that it is still important that you make sure that you have the memories kept by being in the moment. Drink a little but not too much. Enjoy the moments as they go and make the most out of them while you can.

Get your feet wet through a first look shoot.

If you would like to have a warm up session so that you get to have enough time to get used to the aspect of getting photographed, then a first look shoot will work out to your advantage. Talk this out with your professional wedding photographers Los Angeles as this can really help you out a lot in quelling your nerves and in ensuring that you don’t end up feeling nervous and jittery all throughout the wedding day. Something like this will greatly affect the way that you end up looking like in the photos that are being taken of you.

Don’t get caught up with perfection.

It is an impossible thing to have to go through with and something that will prove to be extremely painful for you to have to constantly strive for as a bride.

How To Get Through Your Wedding Day

Get a little loose before taking the walk.

Minneapolis wedding photographerYou might be feeling a little stiff or a little intimidated and it will show in your photos and in the way that you carry yourself. A Minneapolis wedding photographer will normally advise his bride to down a glass of wine or two before making the dreaded walk. It will help make things easier to go through with.

Stop to smell the roses.

It can be a bit overwhelming at times but then again, that really is what weddings are all about. Whenever you are feeling a little stretched out and stressed about with the entire situation, try to make it a point to stop for a little bit so that you can let things soak in and so that you will have enough time to more or less recover yourself and get your wits about at the end of the day. Always go ahead and take a look at the bigger picture so that you don’t lose sight of the important things in the first place. You certainly wouldn’t forget the fact that this is easily one of the most important days in your life as well as in your partner’s life as well when it all comes down to it. You will look better and your Minneapolis wedding photographer will have a better time taking your photos during the wedding day when you are a little more appreciative of all of the things that are going on around you.

Get your food to go.

Get this, you won’t have enough time to sit down for a real and proper sit down breakfast, lunch, or dinner and this is something that you ought to go ahead and prepare for as well. if you want to make sure that you really are well sustained and that you have enough to go through the rest of the wedding day, then at least arrange for getting your food to go. You will be busy and you will end up running around all the time. It can be really tough to stop and actually eat food properly. Get your caterer to prepack your meals for you so that you can eat up anywhere and anytime because it means that you can have it whenever you are feeling hungry or whenever you are feeling crabby from being hungry or even a little bit of both.

Smile and be magnanimous and gracious.

People have taken time out of their day to be with you and to be with your partner. This shouldn’t be the type of thing that you should be brushing off to the side at any point in time. Make sure that you and your partner exert some effort into going all around the venue to talk to the people who have attended so far. Pay particular time and attention to the people who have crossed borders and countries for you so that all their efforts and expenses will at least be worth it because you have gone out of your way to thank them or to express appreciation for all of the efforts that they are putting in so far.

Wedding Blunders You Should Stop Right Now

Blindly sticking to tradition.

Bristol wedding photographersIf you blindly stick to the traditions that don’t really mean a lot to you in the first place, you will end up unhappy and dissatisfied with the events that go on during the day of your wedding. What you need to keep in mind when it comes to things like this is the fact that you are actually free enough to go through with whatever you would like to happen for the day of your wedding. It doesn’t have to be crazy or anything like that at all. for as long you know that you are happy with whatever you come up with, you don’t really have anyone to answer to. Traditions are fine and all that but you need to really make it a point to go ahead and think about whether they mean anything to you or not. Blindly sticking to tradition will work at your disadvantage. Most of the traditions are outdated and a little obsolete anyway and you shouldn’t pressure yourself or your partner to adhere to them at any point in time. Stick to what your preferences are and if things don’t really work out, at least you know for sure that it was what you wanted in the first place and at least you don’t get to go ahead and live with the regret.

Not hiring pros.

If you have enough money to hire a professional wedding consultant and a professional day of wedding coordinator, then you should really aim to hire them as much as possible. This will take a lot off of your plate because then you get to know for sure that you are getting enough manpower to cover the tasks that need to be covered when it all comes down to it. Without professionals on board, there are bound to be some unforeseen situations that you will end up struggling with and this can pack on so much on your plate. This is what you ought to veer away from as much as you possibly can. Another non negotiable is the aspect of opting out of hiring out Bristol wedding photographers. You need them no matter what happens. Although it may be true that their professional services are bound to be expensive, try to go ahead and keep in mind of the fact that the wedding photos are something that you will get to look forward to at the end of the day. These are photos that you will look back on long after the wedding day is over.

Not sticking to a schedule.

You need to make sure that you are able to stick to a schedule. If you don’t have one then make sure that you go ahead and draft one out as much as you possibly can because of the fact that without some sort of structure that you can stick to, your wedding day event can easily go off the rails. Map out a schedule for your Bristol wedding photographers as well in order for you to have everything that you could possibly need and then some.

Being all over the place.

You don’t have to be. Delegate your tasks to people that you really trust and that you can rely depend on and rely on and you will have everything that you could possibly need.

When Planning Your Wedding

Limit your wedding options.

san francisco wedding photographerThere will be tons and tons of wedding options when you are planning out the details of your big day from your products to the services that you are hiring out and so on and so forth. Things like this are extremely varied or diversified and it isn’t unheard of for a bride and groom to jump from one option to the other and end up not making their minds about things in the long run simply because of the fact that there are just too many to make in the first place. In the event that you happen to come across this particular type of difficulty when you are planning out the wedding day, it is important that you go ahead and determine what your specific limits are. For example, when looking for a professional San Francisco wedding photographer, make sure that you first identify whether you would like to go for a fine art photography style or for a more informal documentary one. You might also think about whether you would prefer to go for a wedding planner who is male, or female; or whether you would like to strictly stick to people that your contacts know about or whether you are open to a little bit of research. Knowing where to draw the line can really help you see things from a different perspective and this is what you ought to go ahead and focus on as much as you possibly can.

Last minute planning is the worst.

If there are stuff that you can map out and plan out ahead of time, then go above and beyond to really prepare for things as much as you possibly can. Planning things out in the very last minute will have you end up making decisions that you haven’t really thought out in all of the best ways and this is why you should get ahead of the game while you still can. The moment that you find out what your tentative wedding date is, then start contacting people and start pencil booking services as much as possible because this is the type of thing that will actually go ahead and give you a little bit of headway into what you are trying to accomplish at some point or so. Rushing through things will turn out to be a very bad decision and not the type of thing that a smart and organized bride should fall into no matter what happens. Even if the wedding is a year out, be extra detailed with the planning anyway. If you want to get a great San Francisco wedding photographer, for example, then book him months and months in advance and make sure you put down the agreement on paper.

DIY with caution.

Doing everything yourself might cost you so much more money and time than you would have probably pre-empted and you need to make sure that you get to go ahead and take this into account as much as you possibly can.

Get personal.

Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of personality when you are going over the finishing touches for your wedding. It will make the whole experience so much more meaningful and relatable not just to you but to the rest of the other guests who will be attending your wedding as well.

Becoming One of the Wedding Photographers from Portsmouth


wedding photographers from PortsmouthPortsmouth is a city found in England, The United Kingdom. Portsmouth has a population of 194,150 making it the 23rd biggest city in England. Portsmouth is one of the great world-class attractions, thus tourist never fall to visit the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the iconic Emirates Spinnaker Tower , the South sea the story of the D-Day landings at D-Day Museum.


Portsmouth has an amazing cultural offering, with gigantic theatres, music venues, traditional art galleries, cathedrals, genuine heritage, galleries, nightclubs, gatherings and festivals throughout the year.


Wedding photography may not be open heart surgery, but clients take just as seriously. Be responsible and embrace your craft. Wedding photographers from Portsmouth who wish to improve the quality of their services must learn as much as they can online, buy wedding photography books, and take practice photos. Learn how to control the light settings on the camera rather than “blast flashing” on all your subjects. There are three basic settings that control exposure on the camera: ISO, Shutter Speed and the Aperture, understand the different ISO and aperture settings for outdoors and indoors. The shutter speed when set rightly will prevent taking blurred photos.

Marketing Techniques for profitable Business

Photographic talent doesn’t guarantee financial success, the biggest blind spot for wedding photographers from Portsmouth is marketing. In marketing, you must get the “tripods of marketing” right, they are: the quality of your work, the effectiveness of your business model and the power and reach of your marketing. Effective marketing requires six steps;

1) First decide who your target market will be. Ask yourself what kind of photography do you want to do and determine the level in which you feel you can enter the market. If you want to photograph for corporations, rather than try to engage the widest market, you will do best to narrow the companies to the ones that use the kind of photography you offer.

2) The second task is to brand yourself, it means building up a public face for your business. Good branding is about getting your prospective clients to see you not as the best solution but as the only solution to their problem. Start the whole branding process by digging down and really getting clear on exactly how you would like to be perceived.

3) The third task is to find out what buyers are looking for and where you can find them. Once you have a list of companies you would like to work with, you will have to figure out who coordinates buying photography at the company,that is there marketing department.

4) Make very clear who you are, what you have to sell, how to buy your products and how to get in touch with you.

5) Get the word out. Your initial foray might include a postcard mailer with a great sample shot that is relevant to the market. The postcard is your first impression to stand out amongst other wedding photographers from Portsmouth.