Tips for Successful Wedding Dress Shots

wedding photographer LancashireThere is nothing more important to a bride than her wedding dress. It cannot be ruined. This isn’t a joke. You only need to ask around or follow a wedding plan to see how brides put lots of thoughts and efforts into choosing the perfect wedding dress. In fact, the wedding dress has its own unique personality. Little wonder why the dress is treated with utmost respect.

There are a number of tested and trusted wedding dress shots.

You can snap intricate details on the wedding dress. You don’t have to get a full-length picture. If it has a unique design or fashion work, or some intricate beadworks and laces, you can do close-up shots focusing on those areas alone. This is usually very creative.

Or you can hang the dress from a doorway or cabinet or a porch in front or at the back of the house. Look around the house. Some porches have built-in hooks that you can use. Hanging the dress displays it from top to bottom. Be careful not to let it touch the ground.

So, if you as the wedding photographer Lancashire have the opportunity to take pictures of the wedding dress before the bride puts in on to walk down the aisle (seriously, you should always make sure you attempt to take pictures of the wedding dress. It is not compulsory, but it is really beautiful in wedding albums), here are some things you should have at the back of your mind.

Ask for permission from the bride

You need to seek approval from the bride before touching the dress. Let the bride be aware that you will be responsible for the dress for some time and make sure she is comfortable with the idea.

Get an assistant to help you handle the dress.

It will be an embarrassing and awkward scenario if by mistake, while trying to move the dress to a suitable position, it gets torn. The dress can be heavy and large and difficult for one person to hold or carry. Get someone to help you as you move the dress from [lace to place, open doors, clear the room and hang the dress. It doesn’t have to be a formal assistant. Any careful person with less time on their hands should be able to do the job.

Clear the area of objects that can readily tear a dress

Be wary of the edges of tables and chairs, door handles, nails protruding out of any surface or any object that can damage the dress.

Put on gloves or wash your hands – both you and your assistant

Just prevent staining the dress with sweaty palms or dirty hands. You don’t want to get a perfect shot and find you have stained the dress.

Avoid these places

If you are going to move the dress outside to get a shot, avoid dusty areas and mud puddles. Check out for inspiration on how to do those.

Get your own hangers, if necessary

Going with a few fashionable and nice-looking hangers is not a bad idea. some hangers can totally ruin your shot, after all the work you have put into it.

As the wedding photographer Lancashire most of the actions taken by you have a direct effect on how well the photographs turn out. So, it pays to always exercise caution.