Tips to Get Great Pictures in Your Portrait Photography Studio

portrait photography studioThere are times when you look at images and think “wow the subject is really photogenic”, other times you think the subject of the picture could have looked better. The truth is the outcome of most pictures 80% rely on the skills of a photographer. The look of the subject only forms about 20%.

If a photographer is highly skilled, he or she has the ability to make any subject look great with a few tweaks and proper composition of the photographs. Also, being photogenic is not all about how the subject looks but the ability of a photographer to make them appear comfortable in front of a camera.

Sometimes, a client might feel unease at the prospect of facing the camera. It is your job as a photographer to break down these barriers and get them to cooperate with you for the best result possible. So, if you have a client walk into your portrait photography studio with the intention of having images shot, the following tips should come in handy for beautiful results.

These tips are:

  • Connect with your subject

Like we mentioned before, a good photograph requires a lot of work from the photographer. It is not only about having the right tools and equipment. Connection with the subject has a part to play in the resulting images as well. If the subject is stiff in front of the camera and the photographer ignores this and just brings out the camera to shoot, when it comes to editing, the photographer can only change things such as contrast, brightness etc. The stiffness of the subject or the unease experienced by the subject is not something that can simply be edited out.

Therefore, during the preliminary stages before the pictures, the first thing any worthwhile photographer should endeavor to do is to get the subject to loosen up. Start a conversation to het them to unwind. You can also explain certain things to them about the portrait photography studio they find themselves in and how the process of picture taking will go.

  • Be aware of environment and light

In photography there is a saying that “light is king while the photographer is a slave to it”. This is entirely true in the sense that no photographer has control over natural lighting. Whether it is harsh or mild is an external factor that cannot be controlled. Natural lighting is the best form of light and it produces the best results but if you cannot handle it, then you can go for the other option of artificial lighting.

Artificial lighting can be in the form of camera flash lights, softboxes, studio lights etc. Make sure everything is in place so that nothing goes wrong in the shoot. If you prefer to make use of natural light, then you need to monitor the weather and take note of the time of day where the light will be more favorable to you.

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