Wedding Photographers Surrey: Check Contract and Don’t Regret It

wedding photographers SurreyAs you decide on which wedding photographers Surrey you need to hire, it’s very important that you pay attention to the moment when you have to sign the contract. You have discussed in length with the photographer and everything seems to be in place until you read the contract.

It’s very important to first check the details about the photographers assigned to your wedding. Who is the lead photographer that they are going to send? Make sure the name is the person that you have been discussing with, not someone you have never met before. If they really cannot make it the person that you want, ask for them to let you meet the photographer before continuing further.

Next is to check the total amount of hours you have agreed to pay for. Some photographers offer unlimited hours on the day, so this is one less problem to worry about for some of you. Check for how much you need to pay for extra hours if it exists.


You also need to read the details on how the pictures ownership is handled. Most photographers decide to become the only copyright owner of the wedding pictures they sent you. Yes, it’s true that you paid for the pictures, but it’s the photographers who worked hard from them. This is something that is worth discussing in length if you don’t want your pictures misused.

A professional photographer will make sure to ask for your permission before they use it for anything else. If you absolutely want it to be completely private, you can request the photographers to refrain from using your photographs for any commercial purposes.

Wedding photographers Surrey like Jo Hughes also offer to sell the copyrights if you want. But since they cost a lot and you wouldn’t need them unless you plan to post a lot of your wedding pictures online, sell them, or use them for marketing purposes, there’s no need for that. You can also negotiate on the terms before you sign the contract, make sure that everything is clear between both of you.

Fine prints

The fine print is also where the ‘traps’ are often laid. You read the terms look good and beneficial to you, until the fine prints say a lot of exclusion, rendering it pretty much useless. Professional photographers won’t do that, but just in case that you haven’t confirmed that your photographer is not a good one, this is how you can sniff them out one last time.

Some photographers create terms that do not make sense and heavily burden their clients. Such as the ones that require you to only say nice things about the studio, because otherwise, it would ruin their business. It’s true that there are businesses ruined by negative words of mouth spreading like wildfire. But this also takes away your rights to sound and express your opinions, even though it’s negative.

If a photographer is not giving you the results you were promised, you have your right to complain about it. The court will rule favor over you as that term is against the rules, but it’s still something you shouldn’t sign consciously for.