Wedding Photography: Storytelling Style

What is a storytelling style?

Leeds wedding photographerWell, we are pretty that most of you here understand what it means. The real question lies in how to do it. Here we will give you a quick introduction and basic to reportage/documentary/storytelling style.

A Leeds wedding photographer with storytelling style focuses on capturing the story of the day. The photography method is often unobtrusive with the photographer staying behind the scene. Reportage style comes from journalism where journalists capture the pictures as for how they are without alteration. They show the facts of what happened and wish to tell the story through those pictures.

A lot of photographers use the word reportage and mention how they take the pictures of your day like a fly-on-the-wall. This refers to capturing the day without intruding the event. The photographer is challenged to be blunt, yet secretive in taking those pictures. Blunt to capture them from the best angle and position, but secretive as if no one knows he’s there.

Like the title says, storytelling style means the pictures have to be shown in a chronological order. It has to tell the story of the day from the opening, climax, and anti-climax. A lot of photographers lack this quality in telling the story of a wedding, which is why it feels like something is missing from the album.

To be able to get the best reportage style, a photographer has to frequently engage in conversation with their clients. They need to get to know them in person, understanding what kind of people they are and how they came together. The photographer also has to memorize the itinerary of the day, so he knows where he should go and what picture to take next.

One best way to master this is to learn from a professional Leeds wedding photographer from She understands the core value of storytelling and executes this style in a very authentic and beautiful form. Learn how she takes different perspectives that tell the story of a particular scene, how you are able to discern that and execute that on your own.

You also will see a lot of photographers using black and white or grayscale filter on their pictures.

It does give a timeless feel to the pictures and if you don’t overuse it, will create a very nostalgic effect to the pictures. The pictures are also candid most of the time due to the unobtrusive nature of the style.

Finally, it’s important that you arrange the pictures in a way that tells a story. Learn to create a coherent collection of pictures and while your client will have their own requests, tell them that you will arrange the template according to how it best tell the stories.

Finally, reportage is a storytelling style, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be focused on visual quality as well. It’s important that you retain aesthetic value in the wedding pictures you capture. A Leeds wedding photographer will do well to also learn to take in all the colors around in a reportage collection.